[Book Haul] Spring 2016 — April/May

What’s Hauling Recently?
April/May 2016 Book Haul

We’re in June already but I’m posting about the past two months hauls because I’m good at this timing and blogging thing.

Are there any books listed I must read? Let me know!


Oh…dude. I just realized I never posted my April haul. Such a fail. Half were oldies at the time I hauled them but I’m super grateful to have received them! Some of them will be siphoned out (and have already been given away) to fellow bloggers around my area (Toronto, specifically) because I definitely would not be able to read them all haha.

I’ll summarize each book with it’s premise in a few words. (I haven’t read most of these so it’ll be what I grasp from GR blurb).

Tower’s Falling (Rhodes)MG takes on events of 9/11.
My Brilliant Idea (David)Kid + app + stop daydreaming in class.
The Long Game (Barnes) Fixer bk. 2: Scandal + Veronica Mars.
Queen of Hearts (Oakes) – Alice in Wonderland Retelling.
Outrun the Moon (Lee) – Chinese girl in America. Plus Earthquake.
My Kind of Crazy (Reul) Promposal goes askew.
Flamecaster (Chima) Two opposite characters, one target.
A Drop of Night (Bachmann) – An exciting field trip turns sinister.
Lifeboat Clique (Parks) Mean Girls on a raft.
Harmony House (Sheff)A haunted house that is haunted.
Revenge and the Wild (Modesto)Always seek revenge for family.
After the Woods (Savage) One night changed everything in the woods.
Shadow Throne (Nielsen) – Ascendence bk. 3
Star Touched Queen (Chokshi)Cursed girl gets invited to a new world.
Crown’s Game (Skye)Two enchanters battle for one title.

20160408 indigo haul hold


Discounts are discounts. Most of the hardcovers were from Book Outlet because obviously.

It Looks Like This (Mittlefehldt) Boy meets boy in new city. Drama.
Ever the Hunted (Summerill) – Revenge plot for someone close.
Shooter (Pignat)Breakfast club meets school shooting.
Julia Vanishes (Egan) A witch who can remain unseen.
Summer Days and Summer Nights (Various) Short stories.
Vassa in the Night (Porter)A strange Russian neighborhood.
Empire of Dust (Herman) Bloods of Gods and Royals bk. 2
Steeplejack (Hartley) Steampunk mystery with political undertones.
Thanks for the Trouble (Wallach)Discovering what it means to live.
Simon Vs. (Albertalli) – Anonymous emails meets blackmailing.
Nil Unlocked (Matson)Nil bk. 2.
Conspiracy of Us (Hall) – A treasure hunt has its own secrets.
Schizo (Sheff) – Unreliable schizophrenic.
The Last Star (Yancey) – The 5th Wave bk. 3.
Liar’s Key (Lawrence) – The Red Queen’s War bk. 2.
Half a War (Abercrombie) – Shattered Seas bk. 3.
Mime Order (Shannon) – The Bone Season bk. 2.

20160531 book haul april to may 2016


Here’s the real game: A+ if you can guess how many I have read (the answer is not zero as it normally is…).


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44 thoughts on “[Book Haul] Spring 2016 — April/May”

  1. Oh darn. I was so going to choose 2, but since Deanna already has I’m going with 3. (Though I strongly think it’s 2, too. I mean I know you’ve read The Crown’s Game at least.) XD


    1. I feel like I’m the only one in the world who thought The Bone Season was a trilogy. I literally bought the second book thinking “YEAH, I’MMA BINGE THESE TWO RIGHT BEFORE THE FINAL BOOK.” …only to discover it is 7 books, 7 books that will make me feel super old if 2020 is tentative release date.

      And close! I’ve only read 2 LOL. (But “am reading” 2 more).


  2. So many books! I have tentatively stopped buying books for the time being as I really, really need to start reading the ones I already own as well as catch up on my ARCs.

    -Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger


    1. I AM MAGIC.

      (No, it’s really just the books are leaning on the table and I had to prop them up so they’d stand vertical BUT WHATEVER WORKS I GUESS.)

      I tried reading Schizo in store before. Got a few chapters in and stopped. But I hope to continue it!


  3. Are you holding all of those books with one hand? I’m so impressed (okay, that’s a strange thing to note when you have so many books). Great haul, by the way!


    I love your summaries of them, lol.
    “A haunted house that is haunted”.
    I received Queen of Hearts as well. It sounds pretty interesting. I love Alice and retellings.
    I’m going to say that you read three of those books.


  5. So many books!! I half want to have a massive haul again half want to save my bank account the heart attack! I want to read so many of these so can’t wait to hear what you think 🙂


  6. Is it bad that I’ve forgotten all about The 5th Wave series?

    In my mind I can already work out which books I plan on reading. Outrun the Moon and The Star Touched Queen are the main ones. However, knowing me I’m likely to pick up the book with the intention of reading it and then something else will come along and distract me. I will get to those two books by the end of the year though. Well, I hope so.


    1. FORGET ALL ABOUT IT. THE END WAS SO MEDIOCRE FOR ME. Actually, no the end was fine, but everything leading up to it (re second book and 75% of the last book) was so derpy.

      Good ol mood reading to take us away from our TBRs, huh. That, and reading “politically”, I guess, which is why I will go read Illuminae or something soon #DAMIARMY.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. SO MANY BOOKS oh my gosh I wanttttt. I really want to read so many of those! I read maybe.. 3? So not much better than you LOL. 😛 I’m quite envious of your books right now though.. *stares at books wistfully* Talk about large hauls!


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