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[Awards/Tags] — Lunar New Year Book Tag

Awards/Tags are just pointlessly fun blog posts that eat up your time.


Lunar Year Book Tag

The other day, I was asked by Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit if I wanted to help create a fun tag for Chinese New Year. Granted, Tiff did 99% of all the creative work and should really be given most of the credit!

You can join in on all of the Lunar Year celebrations by adding your post and visiting other tag posts here:

Plus, all the banners can be downloaded here at Tiff’s blog:

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[Awards/Tags] — ‘Tis the Season Book Tag

Awards/Tags are just pointlessly fun blog posts that eat up your time.


‘Tis the Season Book Tag

…I was tagged a year ago by Summer @ Xingsings to complete this tag. You bet I had this drafted long ago but had to amend these answers for this current/upcoming year reads.

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[Awards/Tags] — Summer Olympics Book Tag

Awards/Tags is the tagline to store random posts that don’t really belong elsewhere. They may involve tags, awards, challenges, and other book blogging nonsense.


Summer Olympics Book Tag

This tag is originally called “Olympics Book Tag” (created by Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight; graphics also created by Shannon) but I’m Canadian so my Olympics of choice is actually of the Winter variety. I just added the Summer to differentiate the two since of these are sports are relevant in Summer only.

I don’t believe anyone tagged me but I had to do this for reasons of Olympics.

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