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[Book Events] Thomas Allen & Son: Spring 2017 Preview


Thomas Allen & Son:
(Spring 2017 Preview)

On March 4, 2017, I co-hosted a blogger hangout day with other members of the book community within the Greater Toronto Area. It was super chill and a low key event to do two things: (1) get posts scheduled and (2) have Ambur (Burning Impossibly Bright), who works at Thomas Allen & Son, showcase titles they were excited for in the upcoming season.

So thank you to Thomas Allen for sponsoring this event and allowing me to assist with co-hosting (which is just my way of saying I did something without really doing much of anything).

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[Book Events] HarperCollins Canada: Frenzy Presents (Spring 2017) + Book Haul


HarperCollins Canada: Frenzy Presents
(Spring 2017 Edition)

On February 26, 2017, I attended Frenzy Presents, a book preview event hosted by HarperCollins Canada. I was incredibly excited to be invited to this shindig as I’ve previously only bore witness to this event on Twitter when many of my bookish friends attended in past seasons. So it’s nice to be on the inside instead of being on the outside looking in.

But before I proceed to word vomit on all the books, I must first extend thanks to the Suman and the team at HCC Frenzy for arranging an afternoon of frolicking over Goodreads and shelving all the books, spending time new/old friends in the community, and chat about all things bookish!

For more details and other thoughts from this event, peruse the Twitter hashtag #FrenzyPresents!

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[Book Events] Raincoast Teens Read Preview (2017 Winter/Spring)


Raincoast Teens Read Preview
(2017 Winter/Spring Edition)

On September 10, 2016, I attended the Raincoast Books preview event and was joined by other influencers in the community — bloggers and store buyers inclusive — to glimpse forthcoming 2017 titles.

For worldwide readers, if you’re unfamiliar with what/who Raincoast Books is, they’re the Canadian distributors for publishers like Bloomsbury, Macmillan, Tor/Forge, FSG, HMH, among others. So thank you to Raincoast Books for extending an invitation for me to attend!

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