aboutpage_spreadCharades? No go.
Pictionary? Terrible at it.
Food? Where?
Awkward sleeping positions. Like a dog.
Corgi. Peach rings. Leafs. Canadian cryoseisms. 
Shower faucets serenaded. Implosion: negative.
Thinking about thinking is thought-provoking.
Thinkception? No, just phlegmatic.
The value of decorating letters and symbols.
Forward thinking nonsense.
Thoughts and afterthoughts.
Mine and this.

— not not a poem. not?

Joey is the fool who smashes letters and symbols together like Lego pieces and tries to create meaning out of them. He word vomits a whole lot of nonsense and is currently the sole authorship of thoughts and afterthoughts with zero credentials to support his often exhaustive, long-winded thought process filled with misused grammar and run-on sentences. He apologizes for nothing and everything and hopes that you enjoy the content and support the value of transparency in dialogue creation by following and commenting on discussions.

Want to join in on the antics of thoughts and afterthoughts? Follow my blog or click here to learn more about how you can connect with me.

(last updated: May 2014)

285 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey there! I’m EM from Books and Iced Coffee Book Blog and I wanted to let you know that I nominated your super awesome blog for The Liebster Blog Award!!! This is an award where you recognize fellow bloggers and help people discover new blogs. I nominated your blog because I always look forward towards your posts and etc! To redeem your award check out my post here: http://booksandicedcoffee.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/the-liebster-blog-award/

    Hope you have an awesome day!


  2. Hiya, just wanted to le you know that I’ve nominated you for the one lovely blog award on my blog scripturiently.wordpress.com! If you want to check it out, that’d be cool and if you’ve already received this award, that’s fine!


  3. Oh my gosh…this is the BEST about me I’ve ever read XD I’m laughing in my head as I’m reading this. I’m not sure if it was supposed to be funny but it’s just so well written! I know how you feel when you put commas everywhere, I do that too!!!!! Sorry…it’s just funny XD


  4. Joey – found your blog through Summer on Twitter, and I love your honesty, thought patterns, and wit! Looking forward to reading and commenting on some of your posts now; keep up the great work.


  5. I made a major error and didn’t include the questions for the nominees in my post. So, here you go.

    1. If you could go hang out with 2-3 characters for a day, where would you go (fictional), what would you do and why would you do it?
    2. If you could build something using multiple copies of your favorite book of 2015, what would you build, and why?
    3. What is your favorite color?
    4. Sci fi or fantasy? Why?
    5. What are three of your favorite TV show? Which set of characters are most likely to win a swordfight?
    6. Why did you start blogging?
    7. What is your favorite thing to do that is in no way related to the book world, books, or the community?


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  9. Love your bio! What I love about it is that it’s unconventional. To use some writing jargon, I could say that it’s full of playful character tags. Bravo!


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