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Compilation of completed book reviews listed alphabetically by authors last name.

A »

Abercrombie, Joe – Half a King (Shattered Sea #01)
Adeyemi, Tomi – Children of Blood and Bone (Legacy of Orisha #01)
Alpert, Mark – The Furies: A Thriller (Standalone)
Alward, Amy – Madly (Potion #01)
Andersen, Sarah – Adulthood is a Myth (Standalone)
Aveyard, Victoria – Red Queen (Red Queen #01)
Aveyard, Victoria – Glass Sword (Red Queen #02)

B »

Black, Holly – The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #01)
Bardugo, Leigh – Shadow and Bone (Grisha #01)
Bardugo, Leigh – Siege and Storm (Grisha #02)
Bardugo, Leigh – Ruin and Rising (Grisha #03)
Bardugo, Leigh – Six of Crows (Six of Crows #01)
Brashares, Ann – The Here and Now (Standalone)
Brown, Frankie – Until We End (Standalone)
Browne, S.G. – Less Than Hero (Standalone)
Buehrlen, M.G. – The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare (Alex Wayfare #01)
Buxbaum, Julie – Tell Me Three Things (Standalone)

C »

Chao, Gloria – American Panda (Standalone)
Connis, Dave – The Temptation of Adam (Standalone)
Cosimano, Elle – Nearly Gone (Standalone)
Critchley, Andrew – Dublin In The Rain (Unnamed Trilogy #01)
Curtis, Simon – Boy Robot (Unnamed Trilogy #01)

D »

Dennard, Susan – Truthwitch (The Witchlands #01)
Dennard, Susan – Windwitch (The Witchlands #02)
Dietrich, Cale – The Love Interest (Standalone)

E »

Egan, Catherine – Julia Vanishes (Julia Vanishes #01)

F »

Federle, Tim – The Great American Whatever (Standalone)
Fletcher, Erin – Where You’ll Find Me (Standalone)

G »

Goo, Maurene – I Believe In a Thing Called Love (Standalone)
Gornall, Louise – Under Rose Tainted Skies (Standalone)
Grant, Michael – Messenger of Fear (Messenger of Fear #01)

H »

Hart, Joe – The Waiting (Standalone)
Haig, Francesca – The Fire Sermon (The Fire Sermon #01)

I »

J »

Jaffe, Michele – Minders (Standalone)
Johnson, J.M. – The Runner (Avi Bloom #01)
Jocelyn, Marthe – What We Hide (Standalone)

K »

Karsak, Melanie – Chasing the Star Garden (The Airship Racing Chronicles #01)
Kennedy, Elle – The Deal (Off Campus #01)
Kincaid, S. J. – The Diabolic (Standalone)
Kurtagich, Dawn – The Dead House (Standalone)

L »

LaMarche, Una – Don’t Fail Me Now (Standalone)
Lane, Lindsey – Evidence of Things Not Seen (Standalone)
Logan, Kenneth – True Letters of a Fictional Life (Standalone)
Lomax, David – Backward Glass (Standalone)
London, Alex – Proxy (Proxy #01)
Lockhart, E. – We Were Liars (Standalone)
Lu, Marie – Warcross (Warcross #01)

M »

Marquardt, Marie – Dream Things True (Standalone)
Malerman, Josh – Bird Box (Standalone)
McEachern, S.M. – Sunset Rising (Sunset Rising #01)
Metzger, Lois – A Trick of the Light (Standalone)

N »

Ness, Patrick – A Monster Calls (Standalone)
Ness, Patrick – More Than This (Standalone)
Ness, Patrick – The Knife of Never Letting Go (Chaos Walking #01)
Ness, Patrick – The Ask and the Answer (Chaos Walking #02)
Ness, Patrick – The Rest of Us Just Live Here (Standalone)
Nielsen, Jennifer A. – The False Prince (Ascendance #01)
Nijkamp, Marieke – This Is Where It Ends (Standalone)

O »

P »

Parker, Shannon, M. – The Girl Who Fell (Standalone)
Pignat, Caroline – Shooter (Standalone)
Porter, Sarah – Vassa in the Night (Standalone)
Powell, Kelley – The Merit Birds (Standalone)

Q »

R »

Reinhardt, Dana – Tell Us Something True (Standalone)
Reynolds, Jason – Long Way Down (Standalone)
Riazi, Karuna – The Gauntlet (Standalone)
Roehrig, Caleb – Last Seen Leaving (Standalone)
Roth, Veronica – Carve the Mark (Standalone)

S »

Sáenz, Benjamin Alire – The Inexplicable Logic of My Life (Standalone)
Sanderson, Brandon – Steelheart (Reckoners #01)
Sanderson, Brandon – Firefight (Reckoners #02)
Sanderson, Brandon – Calamity (Reckoners #03)
Sanderson, Brandon – Mitosis (Novella, Reckoners #1.5)
Sanderson, Brandon – Legion (Short Story, Legion #1)
Sands, Kevin – The Blackthorn Key (The Blackthorn Key #01)
Sands, Kevin – Mark of the Plague (The Blackthorn Key #02)
Sands, Kevin – The Assassin’s Curse (The Blackthorn Key #02)
Schwab, Victoria – A Darker Shade of Magic (ADSOM #01)
Schwab, Victoria – A Gathering of Shadows (ADSOM #02)
Shusterman, Neal – Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #01)
Simmons, Kristen – Metaltown (Standalone)
Silvera, Adam – History is All You Left Me (Standalone)
Skye, Evelyn – The Crown’s Game (The Crown’s Game #01)
Smith, Andrew – The Alex Crow (Standalone)
Smith, Lindsay – A Darkly Beating Heart (Standalone)
Summerill, Erin – Ever the Hunted (Clash of Kingdoms #01)
Sun, Amanda – Heir to the Sky (Standalone)

T »

Tsiolkas, Christos – Barracuda (Standalone)
Tabak, Lawrence – In Real Life (Standalone)

U »

V »

Vivian, Siobhan – The Last Boy and Girl in the World (Standalone)

W »

Waggoner, Tim – Night Terrors (Shadow Watch #01)
Walters, Eric – The Rule of Three (Rule of Three #01)
Weitz, Chris – The Young World (The Young World #01)
West, Kasie – Lucky in Love (Standalone)
Westerfeld, Scott – Zeroes (Zeroes #01)
Whitney, Daisy – When You Were Here (Standalone)

X »

Y »

Yancey, Rick – The 5th Wave (The 5th Wave #01)
Yancey, Rick – The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #02)
Yancey, Rick – The Last Star (The 5th Wave #03)

Z »

Zadoff, Allen – Boy Nobody (The Unknown Assassin #01)
Zentner, Jeff – The Serpent King (Standalone)

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