Terrible Protagonist Index

The Terrible Protagonist series explores reasons why regular humans (aka myself) would not fair well in the world of fiction. 

Reasons Why I’d Be A Terrible Protagonist:


Reason #7: Being the Love Interest (Without Knowing You’re the Love Interest)

Between attending school or work, taking a nap, eating food, and saving the damn world…where could I have possibly had time to develop this “ship” you speak of?

Reason #8: Death by Accidents

The stairs to the final boss is more scary than the fight itself.

Reason #9: Naps Are Required

That feeling when you’re expected to defeat the villain while touting raccoon eye bags.

Reason #12: What is a Map?

If Google Maps does not exist in a fantasy setting, well…goodbye, I’m lost.

Reason #14: Pulling the Trigger

If you slightly turn your gun, it shifts from regular shot to a kill shot. But could you do it?

Reason #19: Risk Aversion

You’re asking me to take a bullet for you with such a stoic face…you’re–oh, you’re serious?

Reason #21: Overthinking Dialogue

The masses look to me for an inspirational speech before the final battle…and all I’ve got is “Uhhhh….”

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