Review Policy

Review Policy Contents

i.   Overview
ii.  Contact
iii. Process
iv.  Rating Metrics
v.   Recommendations

i. Overview

Let me preface this policy by stating that I’m no seasoned pro at reviewing literature. My only hope is to just make an honest attempt at critically engaging any narrative.

My reviews follow the same general schematic:

1. Book Information

2. Review Summary (“TL;DR” section)
+bullet point reasoning without spoilers
+focuses on highlighting both positives/negatives
+metric rating graphic (see below for details)

3. Initial Thoughts
+thoughts before reading the book

4. Afterthoughts
+an exhaustive, in-depth analysis of elements presented in the story (premise, setting, narration, characters)
+may include quotes to supplement the review

5. Closing Remarks

ii. Contact

For inquiries or general comments, please contact me at my networking handles, and provide the information below.

In-take Status: Currently not accepting review requests as I am drowning in them already. I apologize for this inconvenience.

e-mail: afterthoughtAn(at)
twitter: @afterthoughtAn
goodreads: joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts
instagram: picturevomit

+ Name of Book and Author;
+ Length of Book (hardcover or eBook specified);
+ Book Publication date (if applicable for ARC);
+ Book Summary;
+ Criteria of Review Publication (i.e. where to be posted? when to publish by? etc.)
+ Any other relevant information.

iii. Process


Although I read a variety of genres (inclusive from Science Fiction and Fantasy to Contemporary), book blurbs are what win me over. Also, I typically read titles under the Young Adult umbrella.

Please note that I do not guarantee reviews.


I try to be as transparent as I can in my review and will call shit out as I see it. This is why humor, puns, and snarky quips may be woven into any review as the tone behind the critique remains conversational.

The content of my critique is wholly subjective. I don’t expect anyone and everyone to agree but I do hope that readers can at least consider an alternative interpretation.


The speed of how I read and review is largely determinant on extraneous factors as well as the length of the book. Please know that I read and review for leisure over and beyond other entertainment, and I would enjoy it even further if it was stress free.

For ARCs specifically, I am hopeful that reviews will be posted in a timely manner. But please note that I do not guarantee reviews for both solicited and unsolicited review copies.

Concerning dropping/DNF books:

I will always make an attempt at finishing a book that I start. The caveat is that if a book just isn’t working for me, I will not rate the book at all but will still provide a critique.

iv. Rating Metrics


Reviews as of 2015 will come with this graphic to be used where graphical images are allowed to be displayed.

Premise regards the originality of the story and how it delivered on its promise. Also considers major plot points and if the journey was refreshing or not.

Setting looks at the world building as it interacted with the characters, the infrastructure, and core themes presented.

Narration considers the voice and pacing of the story and its ability to provoke emotions; it also looks at writing style.

Characters engages the construct of the characters and how dynamic they are as protagonists/supporting characters to be believable given their conflict.

v. Recommendations

All critiques are free standing recommendations and the comments therein reflect my opinion of the story at that point in time when it is read (subject to amendments in the future).

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at my networking handles or by e-mail at: afterthoughtan(at) to continue this dialogue.


(last updated: Oct 2015)

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