Manuscript Critique Services

Manuscript Critique Services 

Please review the Policy in full before connecting with me. Thank you. – J.


I offer manuscript critiques for Young-Adult and Middle-Grade fiction. Adult fiction manuscripts may be accepted but I note it is not my area of reading interest.

Description of Services

Generally, I provide line edits and comments via track changes to the draft manuscript. Microsoft Word documents is preferred. An Edit Letter (hereby “Letter”) typically identifies areas of improvement through five core areas (premise, setting, narration, characters, and overall execution and appeal) and will be provided as a summation of my critique. Please note the contents of this Letter is subject to change based on the needs of my analysis of the manuscript and will be addressed in the letter without notice to the party who has retained my services.

Should a specific analysis of the manuscript be required, I am happy to accommodate within the constraints of my existing format (re: 5 core areas). Further, I welcome concerns at the outset of accepting the job as it may assist in narrowing the focus of the critique (e.g. I need help with… “execution of conflict”, “comprehension and complexity of world building”, “plot cohesion”, “macro ‘big picture’ takeaways”, etc.).

Please note that my assessment focuses on the content and structure of the manuscript with respect to narrative execution and does not seek to solely identify or remedy sensitive discourse, triggering content, biases, and issues of representation outside the capacity of my personal experiences. Should you have concerns of this nature, you are strongly recommended to consult with a sensitivity reader for specific content readings.

Expected Time of Completion

My turnaround time is typically three to four weeks (based on the length of your manuscript). I will make every effort to complete within the proposed time frame and will advise of any delays should they arise.


Regardless of the usage of any feedback received, it is agreed that, upon receiving my services, the manuscript may not necessarily be free from further criticism. In such case, I will not be held liable or defamed for any representations made against the contents of the writing. While my services seek to refine the value of the manuscript, my critique is not an endorsement of the author or the work itself to be free of issue, and it is not to be represented as such.

Pricing & Payment

Manuscript critiques will be charged at a rate of $0.008/word rounded to the nearest thousandth word of the total manuscript word count. Listed fees are in $US dollars and are inclusive of all taxes.

For example: if a manuscript is 74,500 words, it will be rounded up to 75,000. If a manuscript is 74,450 words, it will be rounded down to 74,000.

Cost estimates (in $USD)
65,000 x $0.008/word = $520.00
75,000 x $0.008/word = $600.00
85,000 x $0.008/word = $680.00

A quote for my services will be provided before any work is performed. I retain the right to adjust my listed rates without notice. Agreed upon rates will not be affected.


Deposits are not necessary. Upon completion of the Letter and the marked-up draft manuscript, I will return (25%) of the manuscript and enclose an invoice for payment. Invoices are deemed payable upon rendering of services. The Letter and remaining 75% of the manuscript will be provided upon receipt of payment. I accept payment by PayPal as it is the easiest form of international transfer.

Why Me?

In short: I have street-cred for being a reader who dissects stories with a fine-tooth comb. From my three-decimal-place rating system to the candor of my [on-average] thousand word reviews, I have an eye for deconstructing the micro issues while speaking to the macro ‘big picture’ contents of a story. My enjoyment of reading is equal parts narrative execution and the fulfillment in examining the [writer’s] craft itself. If artistic perfection is the destination, I would be pleased to discover this journey with you.

If you’re interested in my critique services, please don’t hesitate to connect with me by e-mail at: afterthoughtan(at)gmail[dot]com or through one of my social channels listed in the Networking tab or by clicking here.

What I will need from you:

1) Total word count and pages;
2) Requested date range of completion;
3) Book title, genres, synopsis; and,
4) Any specific request you would like me to focus on (e.g. I need help with… “execution of conflict”, “comprehension and complexity of world building”, “plot cohesion”, “macro ‘big picture’ takeaways”, etc.).


"Joey's grasp of character, consistency, and plot cohesion is second to none. Not only did he point out flaws in my manuscript that I would have never noticed, he also gave me ideas for how to fix them. I'd hire him to critique my pre-published works ten times over."
Nic Stone, author of New York Times bestseller and William C. Morris Finalist Dear Martin

(Last modified September 2018)

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