aboutpage_spreadThe Follower: A Potential  True Story

The wax oozed like honey from the candles’ spire, its flame wavering, casting irregular shapes against the atrium’s walls. “Put the book-,” you being, only to be cut off by the piercing conviction in Joey’s voice reverberating the hollow room; individuals in the paneled murals remaining silent to the standoff before them. “Press the follow button, now!” He demands, a firm grip on your beloved hardcover copy of [name of book here] hovering dangerously over the fire.

Uncertainty and panic fills every crevice of the corals of your conscience and your vision hovers over a rounded mass on the mahogany pedestal. The button. Or that’s what it looked like at least. You couldn’t be too sure as it was engulfed in a veil of darkness with each breath Joey took, the light quivering with a sadist excitement. The book dips closer to the flame and the dull ache in your heart throbs knowingly. “W-wait!”

While you didn’t know it at the time, there was no candle or atrium…but the threat felt real. Because the button exists. There aren’t enough ways to measure infinity with the unknown staring back at you, so it’s all a gamble; to take the final step with gusto and to let the rest happen because certainty requires no convincing when what’s known simply is.

You reach for it…
now is when you click follow! (maybe?)

 Networking Handles

That was my tacky story written about You, a potential follower (and friend), and your perilous journey toward following the nonsense that is thoughts and afterthoughts! Feel free to shoot me a message and follow me on any of these platforms, or in the form below.

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(last updated May 2014)

6 thoughts on “Networking”

  1. *Presses the follow button a million times* Oh my God, THIS IS JUST SO BRILLIANT. “There aren’t enough ways to measure infinity with the unknown staring back at you”. You know how there are Tv shows and movies in a series where there’s just an episode or a sequel in a series that is just not on its game? YOU JUST DON’T HAVE THAT. It’s like you somehow manage to top your previous post each and every time. And, I’ve been looking for content like this FOREVER before I stumbled upon this blog. So, thank you for being consistently on point, and sorry if this is weird for you but this was just….AHHHH. SO MUCH TALENT. AHH.


  2. Hi, Joey! Thanks for following me back! And great “potential story” you have there! I’ve just found your blog, and I know that I will be a “usual visitor” of this page. You are quite a talented soul! God speed! 🙂


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