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[Book Haul] Spring 2016 — April/May

What’s Hauling Recently?
April/May 2016 Book Haul

We’re in June already but I’m posting about the past two months hauls because I’m good at this timing and blogging thing.

Are there any books listed I must read? Let me know!

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[Think Aloud] – #32 – 5 Tips To Book Outlet Like A Boss

Think Aloud explores book-related discussions encompassing reading, writing, blogging, and perhaps newsworthy content. The focus is to push the boundaries, stretch the mind, and encourage dialogue within this community. Let’s all think out loud. 


Table Topic:
5 Tips To Book Outlet Like A Boss


Learn how to optimize your shopping habits on Book Outlet.

Disclaimer: This post is not endorsed by Book Outlet and I’m not responsible or liable for you accidentally checking out your cart with an exorbitant amount of goodies if you do test some of these tips.

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[Book Haul] Jan 2016 — Boxing Day & A New Year

Miscellaneous is the tagline to store random posts that don’t really belong elsewhere. They may involve tags, awards, challenges, and other book blogging nonsense.

What’s Miscellaneous Today?
Jan 2016 Book Haul —
Boxing Day & A New Year

I don’t know why but most of my 95% of the images turned out grainy then the last shots I took for the ARCs looked fine. I have no idea why.

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