[Book Haul] Jan 2016 — Boxing Day & A New Year

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Jan 2016 Book Haul —
Boxing Day & A New Year

I don’t know why but most of my 95% of the images turned out grainy then the last shots I took for the ARCs looked fine. I have no idea why.

A Darker Shade of Magic Goodness

Victoria Schwab and Tor hosted a contest on Twitter for an ARC of A Gathering of Shadows and the prompt was to snap a photo of your A Darker Shade of Magic copy somewhere in the world. Unfortunately, I didn’t win the grand prize (the ARC) but I did win the AGOS art cards as a runner up! I think they’re the same cards you get from mailing in your pre-order information.

(The ARC of AGOS below is actually Shelly @ Read Sleep Repeat’s copy that she so kindly let me borrow.)


My entry: when you see it…


Boxing Day

Boxing Day is supposed to be like American Black Friday but we have both (although the former is a statutory holiday in Ontario). Either way, sales are usually terrible so…

I also cannot understate how much I was playing with the checkout card to manipulate the sales. If I recall correctly, it was a lot of “do I spend 50 and save $20” or “should I just spend 30 and save 10?” AND IT WAS TOUGH, OKAY?

Anyhow, I have now completed my Jasper Dent trilogy, replaced my previous copy of How It Went Down, hauled 2 MG titles in Rain Reign and The Night Gardener and the other two are titles I thought I might try out. I clearly have limited intents to read them LOL.


That Haul Because of Golden Son

I left 2015 (last haul above) thinking “I am on a book buying ban [in the new year] unless it’s for Abercrombie’s Half A War or Pierce Brown’s Golden Son“. I was doing well on this promise. Then two weeks ago, news came to me that Pierce Brown was having a book signing in Toronto on Feb 18, 2016. Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

If you don’t already know, I try my best, if possible, to haul most of my books at a discount. It was $18 CAD on Indigo and that was still much better than cover price.  But I waited and hoped that this would be stocked somewhere (e.g. Book Outlet, Abe Books, or somewhere!). There was nothing for days and I was edging closer to wanting to just check out on Indigo.

Last thursday, there were copies stocked and I melted. I also insta checked out for fear that though it said the default 100+, it could have been a glitch (I’ve come across times it said 100+ then hours later it was at like 10). I can confirm that there were still currently 350+ copies when this post goes live.


The Passenger below was actually purchased in December last month when Indigo stocked their shelves too early but I just didn’t have any time to read it.


Reviewing Goodness

Two are from Goodreads Giveaway, one is from Shelly (mentioned above), and one was by request.



Okay now I will return back to my ban…for the next weeks until Calamity and Morning Star comes out. Aye. :/….


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22 thoughts on “[Book Haul] Jan 2016 — Boxing Day & A New Year”

  1. I have broken my ban for Golden Son (among a couple others for signings) as well but I figured “man I’m meeting Pierce Brown, I may as well get all of his books signed at once” Also, we will be at the same signing! Also also, I think you did pretty well lasting as long as you did!


  2. To be fair I think breaking a ban is justified when it comes to Pierce Brown haha. This is definitely an impressive haul and I am very happy to see I’ll Give You the Sun in the mix.
    Now because I am oh so eagerly waiting for the release of A Gathering of Shadow I feel like I have to ask for a tease to help tie me over. On a scale of 1-10, how is the epic multi-functional coat of Kell’s fairing in the book? 😛 Plus how epic are those art cards!!


      1. Morning Star comes out next month so it’s definitely the ideal moment to binge read the series!

        TEASE!! The closer we get to the release date the more impatient I get. At least tell me on a scale of 1-10 how evil is this cliffhanger? Am I going to need tissues?


  3. Awesome book haul! 🙂
    I got Zeroes and Passenger this month as well.
    So glad you got all the Jasper Dent books now! I love the hardcovers and when you take the jacket off.
    I’ve been so good about staying away from Book Outlet. Well….kind of. I mean I went on there, looked at books, seen a bunch I wanted, but managed to not actually buy them. I did wishlist them, because maybe some will still be around when I allow myself to buy more. HAHA.


  4. Oh my gosh those AGOS cards are uber cool. And lol, you wouldn’t believe how much I spent on Book Outlet this month… My January haul will be insane. I think I’ll make it a double month haul with February so that people will think I bought those books in a span of two months instead.

    It doesn’t help that Jenna and Savindi has me into magnetic bookmarks now. XD


  5. I put Golden Son in my basket as well!! I’m just waiting till Wednesday and then I’m snatching up 5th Wave, the infinate sea, golden son and maybe 1 or 2 more just to treat myself. But shipping from bookoutlet to Australia is always astronomical! It’s like your books all add up to $50 but your shippings going to be $100 enjoy. 😦


      1. Nah I’ve never done it before. But I think I may do it think time. I’ve worked it out and if you add the shipping price to the price of the books your still getting hard backs for like $14 which is still way cheaper then book depository


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