[Top Ten Tuesday] – #111 – Character Archetypes and Their Associated Fragrances

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Character Archetypes and
Their Associated Fragrances

Initial Thoughts:

Just over a year ago, I wrote this discussion: Not All Fictional Men Smell Like The Great Outdoors, and so I thought I’d expand on that in today’s free-reign Top Ten Tuesday to give you a list of ten archetypes I come across frequently, their typical “scents”, and the reality of what they probably should smell like instead.

And yes, this is an incredibly random topic curated during ungodly hours of the night.

For reference: “fragrance notes” are key indicators of any perfume/cologne based on their ingredients or what it’s intended to smell like.

The Protagonist

Fragrance notes: clean. fresh. sure.

Actually smells like: convenient confidence; a trail of destruction.

The Fool

Fragrance notes: vibrant. unadulterated. aquatic.

Actually smells like: everyone’s best friend.

The Traditional Baddie

Fragrance notes: leather. smoke. metallic.

Actually smells like: death. (see also: pain).

The Damsel

Fragrance notes: floral? citrus? dirt? everything.

Actually smells like: danger.

The Brooder

Fragrance notes: rolled around nature; musk and wood.

Actually smells like: a lumberjack or a troubled past.

The Sacrifice

Fragrance notes: n/a.

Actually smells like: nothing because no one cares.

The Boy/Girl Next Door

Fragrance notes: Febreeze and apple pie on the windowsill.

Actually smells like: someone being stalked [by you]

The Sagely Pathfinder

Fragrance notes: alcohol. tobacco. incense.

Actually smells like: exposition and info dumps.

The Tech Savvy

Fragrance notes: ozone. static. neutral.

Actually smells like: an individual who is never thanked for their efforts.

The Love Interest

Fragrance notes: all of the above archetype scents.

Actually smells like: pheromones. miscommunication. drama.


I’m so full of shit these days.


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17 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #111 – Character Archetypes and Their Associated Fragrances”

  1. Oh my penguins, this post is SO SO great! I adore how unique and creative this is–and your choices?! SO spot on! Though to be honest, I half expected something about blood in The Sacrifice. I suppose that would be too obvious, though.

    Thank you for sharing! Here’s my Top Ten Tuesday, if you’re interested. Happy book-ing!


  2. Is it bad that I find myself very strongly drawn to the Brooder and the Traditional Baddie?


  3. I’ve always wondered why so many male love-interests smell the same. Do they buy from the same fragrance store? Is there some kind of cologne that female authors share with one another that represents the perfect male scent? Now I need someone to invent a cologne called “male love-interest.” I need it to smell like cinnamon, sweat, and pine.


  4. Okay so you officially take the crown for the most creative spin on this topic and I must say the Broody ones always seem to catch my attention haha.


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