[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: May 2016

Retrospective is a monthly post to rewind all of the happenings, thoughts, and discussions here at thoughts and afterthoughts. 


A Rewind Of:
May 2016



…I proclaimed to some folk that I’d gladly trade 5-10 meh novels for one glorious one. IS THIS A SIGN? WHICH NUMBER AM I AT?!

Think Aloud/Terrible Protagonist:

#34 – Why I’d Be A Terrible Protagonist: Reason #19: Risk Aversion

(If you have anything to add as to why you may be a terrible protagonist, let me know, and I’d be more than happy to have you guest blog!)



Memes (Top Ten Tuesday):

#106 – Characters Who Drank From the Fountain of Youth
#107 – Non Bookish Sites I Waste My Life On
#108 – Books Pikced Up on a Whim
#109 – Books I Feel Differently About (After Time Has Passed)
#110 – Summer Beach Reads (16′ Summer TBR)


Armchair BEA 2016: Day 1 – Introductions and Diversity
Armchair BEA 2016: Day 2 – Aesthetics: Books & Blogs
Armchair BEA 2016: Day 4 – Fictional Worlds

Other Feels:

Television (Not a full list of what I watch):

(If you love to talk television, hit me up on Twitter and we can share feels together!)

Awkward S5: The ending was so garbage. Fuck you, happily ever afters. -___________________-…

Containment S1: I think I’ve officially dropped this show.

Criminal Minds S11: The feels are not the same now.

Daredevil S2: Watched episode 1 only but I need to continue onward with the rest of the season. inished Season 1 (finally) and oh boy what a good show.

Faking It S2: I didn’t realize this show was cancelled until it just…ended. And the relationships were messed up — such that most of it doesn’t really work. Season two was terrible, basically.

Game of Thrones S6: Hold the…. fuck *cries/weeps/dies*

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S3: I couldn’t watch after the Spy’s Goodbye episode because my heart still hurts so.

Orphan Black S4: I remember seeing an interview where the producers mentioned they *want* to keep Krystal in the dark forever — and it’s HILARIOUS. 

Quantico S1: Literally the most anticlimatic ending ever; which also pissed me off because everyone was so useless and MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER HAD TO DIE FOR NO REASON.

Reign S3: Consolation prize: I can go back to my original Bash + Mary ship goodbye.

Scream S2: Hmmmm…goodbye character who I actually started to like despite being a huge douche.

Shadowhunters S1: I know the season is over–and that it got renewed–but I just haven’t continued watching it.

The Blacklist S3: At least the father theories might be finally struck down. BUT WHEN *THEY* REUNITED IN CUBA, I died.

The Mindy Project S4: I love Mindy.

Shows I Am Forever Behind On: The Vampire Diaries S7, The Flash S2, The 100 S3, Lucifer S1, Limitless S1, iZombie S2, House of Cards S4, Arrow S4,


Captain America: The First Avenger: Am I the only one who was amused by super tiny and skinny with a massive head Chris Evans? I basically could’t watch Civil War without watching the previous two movies soooo I still need to watch Winter Soldier.


(Maroon bolded names link to the track for easy peasy listening)


Måns Zelmerlöw & Petra Mede – Love Love, Peace Peace: Before I go into my Eurovision Song Contest recommendations, if you don’t know what Eurovision is, watch/listen to this one performance. It encapsulates the whole competition and the song is hilariously good.

Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes: Much like how Loreen’s Euphoria had a slower re-arrangement for the opening act the year after she won in 2012, I actually enjoy this 2016 ESC version of Heroes better.


Sergey Lazarev – You Are the Only One: Admittedly, this song is actually quite catchy that I understand why it won the top prize in public voting. But it’s literally a hodge podge of lyrics that don’t make sense and an amalgam of effects from recent years.


R3hab – Wave (feat. Amber and Luna of f(x)): One day I was skimming through my go-to places for EDM music and this came up and I’m thinking “wut, kpop?!” Solid.

Martin Jensen – All I Wanna Do: A groovy tropical house!

Kapslap – Felt This Good (feat. M. Bronx): I don’t know why (or how) but this song just makes me happy…?

Wiltril & Aayio – Still Young (feat. Matthew Kurz): Enter Summer with this jam.


A better reading month in terms of number of books read but June, you better be a better blogging month.


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38 thoughts on “[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: May 2016”

  1. I really need to watch Game of Thrones. I feel like I am missing out on something amazing. My sister is borrowing her friend’s HBO account information, so I am going to get it from her to use too LOL. So hopefully I can start it really soon!
    I need to catch up on Orphan Black again. I think I’m behind two episodes again. OOPS! But this season is so good so far.
    BY THE WAY!! Big Brother US starts this month!


    1. IMO: Game of Thrones really stepped up their game after 2 meh seasons (except for last seasons episode 8 iirc). Let me know when you watch it because each episode (now) ends on a “HOLY SHIT I HAVE TO TWEET MY THOUGHTS NOWWWW” moment; which is what made Twitterverse/social media extremely angry cause people have no chill and no filter when it comes to spoilers.

      I hope BBUS doesn’t do battle of the block again this year…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I will definitely let you know when I watch Game of Thrones. If it’s like you say it is and it’ll make me want to tweet right after then you’ll see my tweets and know too hah. I think that’s the most annoying thing about social media. I’m kind of always glued to my phone, so when I have to avoid Twitter it’s sad. Even Goodreads, especially since A Court of Mist and Fury came out. I’m looking forward to that one, but every other Goodread update was about it and spoilers. So I stopped scrolling through Goodreads feed.

        I will be so angry if they do battle of the block. I hate battle of the block. It’s the stupidest twist they’ve ever done. I read something about how they were looking for mock house guests. I’m curious about what that’s about.


  2. Your book ratings are always so depressing, Joey. 😔 Hopefully, you’ll have a better reading material this month.

    And OMG! You watch Reign?? I watched the first two seasons but I haven’t seen the third because I was spoiled… by someone’s death. 😒


    1. I’m Grinch 2.0. Khanh is the truest of Grinches (Grinch-i? Grinchee?)

      I watch every single teeny-bopper show you can imagine because why not LOL. But yes, that happened, and I primed myself via news reports prior to the events so I was would be less painful. But TBH, I miss the character more after the fact than I really cared for them during the show. (Yes, I’m speaking very generically so as to not spoil anything).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The damage has already been done. I’ve already come across the spoilers, sigh. But, to be honest, I probably won’t revisit the show. There was sooo much drama. And Mary was with so many men (I think 4??) in like two seasons. 😮


  3. Oh crap. I’m behind on my TV watching. I need to catch up with Awkward now!!! I never did get a chance to watch more than an episode or two of Faking It this season, so maybe I’ll skip it. I KNEW you would love that Blacklist reunion, tho! 😉


    1. Keen and Keen are true OTP. Plus, they have a kid. Totes canon now. Nothing can take that away.

      The ending of Awkward is so lame. SO LAME. I need you to watch it and tell me it’s lame. Thank you.

      Faking it was also meh; especially when they basically thought “hm, let’s pair these two together and make a couple” every other episode. It was so pointlessly dramatic.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. LOL, I told you that’s how Awkward would end. MTV is predictable like that.
    I loved Season 2 of Daredevil even more than the first one, so I hope you can watch it soon. Karen and Frank were just fantastic!!!!!
    Whaaaat? Faking It is canceled? I thought it was on mid-season break … 😦
    I totally had the same feelings about Reign – MASH FOREVER!


    1. I hate how you were right but I also hate how I believed it could go any other way. So lame. I would have been okay if they kept their relationship somewhat consistent but it was a hodge podge of drama for Matty and Jenna.

      Did you watch Faking It “finale”? It was so bad how it ended there. Like, there’s no closure AT ALL.


      1. Yeah, I did watch the Faking It finale, truly believing that it was only the season finale. I am kind of sad about that one, but MTV keeps cancelling stuff I like, such as Eye Candy … I am just majorly grateful that Shannara is still on.


  5. oh, those books were not good for you =/, that’s too bad. Also, skinny Chris Evans is hilarious, and you need to watch The Winter Soldier, for me it’s the best movie of Marvel so far. Did you enjoy The first avenger?


  6. Hehehe, you weren’t the only one amused by large Chris Evans head on skinny body.. I have to check out your EDM recs this month. I’m still on an EDM kick


    1. When I first saw images of Chris Evans before going into watching The First Avenger, I thought people on reddit etc. were just trolling with making him look more tiny and stuff. Nope. It was all true.


      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh, hey! You read three books in May as well. Man, at this point, I don’t think I’m going to reach my reading goal. Bah.

    Anyway, I hope you kick ass in June!


  8. Oh my god, I love Reign!! I’m a big Mary and Francis fan but I love Bash too… although, haven’t you heard that Torrance Combs won’t be on the show for most of season 4. There is supposed to be several new suitors for Mary. Great wrap-up as always, Joey.


      1. RIGHT. You can Google it, but I’m pretty sure that he’s only going to be in the beginning because there’s only a few episodes in season 3 left. I do know that’s there’s going to be new suitors, which ruins Mash. But the scene in front of Greer’s business had me squealing like an idiot, so good!!


  9. Those low star ratings are seriously deflating. Hopefully you’ll find some epic gems this month.

    Is it just me or has this season of Game of Thrones been so much better than the previous ones. It’s like now that they aren’t chained by the books as much they have the freedom to kind of explore the dynamics I’ve been waiting for. I mean that reunion will never not make me emotional. I’m never holding a door for anyone again! I’m quite happy that some of my theories were correct, so I think a pat on the back is deserved haha. The only downside is that I don’t really care for Dany. I though bringing back the Dothraki would make things a bit more interesting but it didn’t. The dragons are the best part of her story haha.

    Heroes is such a tune!!!!


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