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[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: May 2016

Retrospective is a monthly post to rewind all of the happenings, thoughts, and discussions here at thoughts and afterthoughts. 


A Rewind Of:
May 2016

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[Review] The Last Boy and Girl in the World — Siobhan Vivian


Book Title:  The Last Boy and Girl in the World
Author:      Siobhan Vivian
Number of pages:  432


the-last-boy-and-girl-in-the-world-siobhan-vivian-book-coverWhat if your town was sliding underwater and everyone was ordered to pack up and leave? How would you and your friends spend your last days together?

While the adults plan for the future, box up their possessions, and find new places to live, Keeley Hewitt and her friends decide to go out with a bang. There are parties in abandoned houses. Canoe races down Main Street. The goal is to make the most of every minute they still have together.

And for Keeley, that means taking one last shot at the boy she’s loved forever.

(re: Goodreads @ The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian)

Should this book be picked up? the tl;dr review:

– The cover lust is real. Synopsis feels plot-heavy while the story is largely character driven with a protagonist you’ll either love/hate.
– Thematically relevant; sparking discussions per government influence as they relate to the identity of small groups/minorities
– The setting could have been further supported as the sinking town of Aberdeen still had so many fully functioning amenities
– Narrative unfolds in flashbacks; prologue opens with a scene near the end–a stylistic choice that you may enjoy/dislike

Initial Thoughts

This is, without fail, one of those “I tried to understand and sympathize with the characters but it just didn’t happen” kind of books. You’ll either enjoy it or hate it — I’m sure of this.

Full disclosure: I received an ARC of The Last Boy and Girl in the World from Simon and Schuster Canada.

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[2016 Book Blogger Love-A-Thon] — Book Haul Spine Poetry



Realistically, 1/3 of my haul is books I’m borrowing. Blogger friendships have been kind to me–thanks Amanda (blog @ Brains, Books, and Brawn).

The Book Blogger Love-A-Thon is a blogging event hosted by Alexa @ Alexa Loves Books, Cee @ The Novel Hermit, Hazel @ Stay Bookish, and Mel @ The Daily Prophecy.

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