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[Canada Reads 2016] Shortlist + Panelists


Canada Reads in a Nutshell:

For those not familiar with what Canada Reads is all about, it’s a moderated debate competition where panelists advocate a Canadian Literature (CanLit) they think Canada should read given a specific theme.

The theme for 2016 focuses on starting over — for migrants, immigrants and others whom are forced or choose to make transformative changes in their lives. (Paraphrased from CBC.)

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[Toronto International Book Fair] — Inspire! Is Coming


Hello readers of the world! I’m here to shine some light on cool happenings coming to Toronto (CA)! It’s only 3 months away until Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair and that’s pretty exciting, right? Perhaps if you’re an avid traveler and reader, you just might want to schedule a trip from wherever you are to Toronto during the weekend of November 13-16, 2014. Just sayin’.

What is Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair?

From their website:

“INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair will be part exhibition, part market and part cultural festival, celebrating reading in all forms and embracing all facets of the book trade. It will be a place for readers to connect with those who write and produce the books they love—to learn, explore and be entertained, in all print and digital formats.”

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