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[Review] Shooter — Caroline Pignat


Book Title:  Shooter (Standalone)
Author:      Caroline Pignat
Number of pages:  342


Shooter - Caroline Pignat - Book CoverA lockdown catches five grade 12 students by surprise and throws them together in the only unlocked room on that empty third floor wing: the boys’ washroom. They sit in silence, judging each other by what they see, by the stories they’ve heard over the years. Stuck here with them–could anything be worse?

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Should this book be picked up? the tl;dr review:

– If you’re interested in a school shooting book, go forth. It is also Canadian Literature (CanLit) so there’s that.
– Multi-POV narration with different storytelling formats (e.g. prose, images, text messages, homework reports, just to name a few). The shooter does not have a POV.
– A sleuth of derogatory and prejudicial treatment in comments that’s introduced and shot down by another narrator (this is wonderful).
– The scenario as a whole can be difficult to engage as characters from different social circles are thrown together and come to easily mesh with each other under the hour of conflict.
– Unnecessary romance (instalove tier) that isn’t really value added

Initial Thoughts

Much better than the previous school shooting standalone I read earlier this year in This Is Where It Ends.

Disclaimer: I received an ARC of Shooter from Goodreads re First Reads giveaway program.

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[Canada Reads 2016] Shortlist + Panelists


Canada Reads in a Nutshell:

For those not familiar with what Canada Reads is all about, it’s a moderated debate competition where panelists advocate a Canadian Literature (CanLit) they think Canada should read given a specific theme.

The theme for 2016 focuses on starting over — for migrants, immigrants and others whom are forced or choose to make transformative changes in their lives. (Paraphrased from CBC.)

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[Think Aloud] – #12 – Canada Reads 2015: One Book To Break Barriers

Think Aloud explores book-related discussions encompassing reading, writing, blogging, and perhaps newsworthy content. The focus is to push the boundaries, stretch the mind, and encourage dialogue within this community. Let’s all think out loud.


Table Topic:
Canada Reads 2015:
One Book To Break Barriers


The one book that could have broken barriers, challenged stereotypes, and changed perspectives did not win Canada Reads 2015.

(The discussions below are from a Canadian perspective but the issues concern everyone.)

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