[Toronto International Book Fair] — Inspire! Is Coming


Hello readers of the world! I’m here to shine some light on cool happenings coming to Toronto (CA)! It’s only 3 months away until Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair and that’s pretty exciting, right? Perhaps if you’re an avid traveler and reader, you just might want to schedule a trip from wherever you are to Toronto during the weekend of November 13-16, 2014. Just sayin’.

What is Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair?

From their website:

“INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair will be part exhibition, part market and part cultural festival, celebrating reading in all forms and embracing all facets of the book trade. It will be a place for readers to connect with those who write and produce the books they love—to learn, explore and be entertained, in all print and digital formats.”




Here’s a link to the full 2014 Schedule Line-up that was released yesterday (I think?), or you can click on the image above to take you there! I’ve provided a sample of Friday’s schedule below just so you can get a glimpse of how you can spend 72 hours (no sleep!) at the fair. (I do apologize for the sample looking extremely grainy and pixelated–this layout theme has small margins haha. You’d be better off opening up the link provided.)




There’s a wide mix of great International and Canadian authors attending the fair! Here are some notable names that might be of interest to you (not in any particular order):


This is going to be my ever first large-scale book event I’m attending and that’s pretty rad! I’ll likely be going with another fellow book-blogger, Savindi (The Streetlight Reader), and hopefully we’ll be able to give the deets on our experience. I’ll definitely follow up with more news as they’re made known to me. So yeah, check out the information on their site if you’re thinking about attending and get inspired!


(Disclaimer: All images and logos taken from torontobookfair[dot]ca. Also, this is not a sponsored post.)

8 thoughts on “[Toronto International Book Fair] — Inspire! Is Coming”

    1. I actually haven’t thought that far about it yet–and thank goodness I have plenty of time to scout out the most efficient path to enjoying the weekend.

      If I did meet Atwood, I’d have to thank her for being a pivotal gateway author into the whole speculative fiction genre (but then I’d have to maybe un-thank her for all the novel studies I did with her novels!)


  1. Oh goodness this looks like SO MUCH FUN! That line-up looks CRAZY GOOD! I am actually going to a book festival in Atlanta this weekend. Mostly for Chelsea Cain, but Stephanie Perkins, Jandy Nelson, Andrew Smith, and MANY MORE will be there and I am SUPER PUMPED!

    And I just realized that I will be at the YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) Symposium this same weekend in November. That is a professional nerdfest, but I do know that there will be some awesome authors there, too! Including Marissa Meyer!

    Yay for bookish events! =)


    1. I think any booky event where you somewhat know the authors is bound to be plenty of fun! I don’t think I’ve read much of any of the main ones I’ve listed above (but have for others on the site) so it’ll be interesting to see if I get some spark of willpower after (potentially) attending some of these workshops/meet-and-greets.

      Haha glad to hear that you’re hitting up an event as well! It’s definitely cool when these things happen. I don’t know about you but I seldom see “big events” such as my own close to home. So gotta jump on that funwagon!


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