[So, You Want To Be Human?] – The Sound of Robotic Sex: Electronic Music From My Playlist

“So, You Want To Be Human?” is the promotional event and blog tour in association with Simon and Schuster Canada.


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The Sound of Robotic Sex:
Electronic Music From My Playlist

Since Boy Robot by Simon Curtis has this one scene that feels like a rave while everyone is riding at a high, I thought I’d feature some 2016 tunes that are on my playlist queue. Many of you probably don’t listen to this genre of music but that’s okay!

FYI: robot sex totally sounds like beeps and boops and unce, unce, unce. Maybe.


Dami Im – Sound of Silence (Eurovision 2016)

For anyone who followed Eurovision 2016, DISHONOR ON YOUR COW FOR NOT VOTING FOR DAMI.

Major Lazer – Cold Water (feat. Bieber & MØ)

…I see your judgment for the Biebs. I will fight you.

R3hab – Wave (feat. Amber and Luna)

This is most definitely a mis-classification as f(x) is very much kpop. But, seeing as how R3hab was the producer (?), I will put it under the EDM umbrella.

Halsey – Colors (Audien Remix)


Tritonal – Painting With Dreams
(Nothing Like Them) (feat. Shy Martin)

I thought I’d throw in a mellow piano-driven choice in here to balance out the beeps and boops. Plus, Tritonal rarely fails.

The Chainsmokers – All We Know (feat. Phoebe Ryan – Anki Remix)

A lot of people talked about Chainsmoker’s Closer this past summer. And though it is arguably one of the catchiest tunes in the past few months, I thought their follow up track “All We Know” isn’t getting enough due credit. Moreover, I thought I’d also give a shout to this awesome remix by Anki too. Very solid.

Martin Garrix – In the Name of Love (feat. Bebe Rexha)

Martin Garrix is just a stud.

Dzeko & Torres – Home (feat. Alex Joseph)

Fact is: I am from the suburbs of Toronto (albeit I work in the core). So, this song and video is a wonderful encapsulation of music and home.

Martin Garrix – Now That I Found You (feat. John & Michel)

If you listen closely enough, it sounds like “Let It Go” from Disney’s Frozen haaah.

Mako – Into the Sunset

For some reason this gives me the feels…


If you have any pop/edm-y tunes you think I should add to my playlist, give it a shout and let me know!

Anyways, that’s all I have for you for today’s Robot Week post; which is my own week-long themed blogging event in association with Simon and Schuster’s blog tour. Full details below:



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