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[So, You Want To Be Human?] – The Sound of Robotic Sex: Electronic Music From My Playlist

“So, You Want To Be Human?” is the promotional event and blog tour in association with Simon and Schuster Canada.


Table Topic:
The Sound of Robotic Sex:
Electronic Music From My Playlist

Since Boy Robot by Simon Curtis has this one scene that feels like a rave while everyone is riding at a high, I thought I’d feature some 2016 tunes that are on my playlist queue. Many of you probably don’t listen to this genre of music but that’s okay!

FYI: robot sex totally sounds like beeps and boops and unce, unce, unce. Maybe.

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[Top Ten Tuesday] – #95 – A Hero’s Journey Heard Through A Cappella

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
A Hero’s Journey
Heard Through
A Cappella

Initial Thoughts:

(Recommended to be read on the blog as Reader formatting is pretty blergh).

Here’s the thing: I had brain farts as to how to make this topic satirical or “fun” like previous top ten tuesday prompts. Nothing fun really spoke to me so I’m stripping all the fun away and opening up the floor to a genre of music that’s near and dear to me.

Call me some nerdy kid but A cappella music is something I really appreciate it. I’ll be mainly highlighting collegiate level a cappella covers. For the sake of keeping things “bookish”, I’ll be featuring the 12 Steps of the Hero’s Journey that outlines a template of the rise and fall of a hero’s story.

Note: The “opb.” notation will be used as a stand in for ‘originally performed by’. All songs link to the respective artist’s Spotify as it’s the only place that has a repository of recordings.

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[Music Monday] – #10 – rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes (Concert Review)


I had the pleasure of viewing rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes two nights ago (Sept 6, 2014) at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts (Toronto, CA) and it was definitely an audible eargasm even if you aren’t a gaming fanatic. Video game music, like many movie/television or trailer scores, has found some of the most compelling, emotional, and beautifully written audio drama scores today. Don’t be led astray by video game soundtracks even if it might have a connotation of being geek chic (maybe?). It seems as though gaming isn’t always taken seriously but there’s a wealth of game scores that truly lift the whole audiovisual experience of what gaming involves. I mean, you might be able to watch a movie or play a game without sound and find limited enjoyment in it but it’s not quite the same, right? Can you imagine how Super Mario would feel if the main theme never existed? It becomes more than just a achieve success in beating the game mentality (even though that’s important too), it comes back to what music is and the purpose it serves—and I’ll let you decide what that means to you.

But unlike my usual Music Monday’s where I pair a book with a song, this post is more of my thoughts on the concert.

rePLAY is different than its predecessor, Play! A Video Game Symphony, which made its debut in 2006; and was the first video game-oriented concert I attended. Unlike Play!, which solely focused on the music, this revamped concert series incorporates a greater sense of a narrative element to the viewer. As an audience, we were told (by a narrator) that we are a hero of a story but will soon discover ourselves and experience our limits and the perils of the journey through the eyes of other heroes before us (i.e. protagonists of popular franchises). This was a neat integration to tie the concert together but it does make me wonder if there’s any flexibility in the arrangement choices to fit each chapter. I’ve compiled a rough title and franchise arrangement for each chapter. The venue [regrettably] did not hand out programmes, so I’m basically doing this all from memory, Google, and those who I attended the concert with. That being said, the list provided may not be fully accurate and is subject to change.

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