[Alternatives] – Television Pilots – The Magicians (2016)

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Television Pilots –
The Magicians (2016)

A smart young man attends a college of magic in New York.

…really? that’s the premise IMDB is gonna give me?


The_Magicians_2016Okay. So I haven’t read Lev Grossman’s trilogy by the same name so don’t hate on my mind as it does backflips while smiling at all the nods to popular stories. I’ve read it’s akin to an adult Narnia meets Harry Potter, and after watching the pilot, yeah that’s pretty accurate LOL.

Because what is The Magicians but a magical school setting + every single clique and character trope you love/hate + adult themes?

The production value (CGI inclusive) is what you’d expect from a genre network like Syfy.


After watching the pilot which aired unofficially two…three? weeks ago to promote the show this month (Jan 2016), I’m pretty sold on the next episode. Or maybe the cliffhanger was just so wtf-worthy that it was like…yes, I need it now.

The acting is a bit of a doozy. I’m not sure if it was purposefully awkward or if that was the intent but the main character, Quentin Coldwater, lacks appeal to me right now. He’s totally cardboard and doesn’t exude that college appeal. Plus, all of the side characters are just so unengaging.

Or maybe that’s the point? I’d never know.



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17 thoughts on “[Alternatives] – Television Pilots – The Magicians (2016)”

  1. YAY! I am glad you wrote about the Magicians. Since I read the books, I find your observation of Quentin really interesting. In the books everyone is a lot younger and it starts out with Quentin leaving High School because he got an early acceptance to Breakbills. Also, he was a really needy character with low self-esteem and I generally didn’t like him all that much, so to be honest, the TV version is an improvement for me. There he looks like a cute dork and I guess they changed the age because they didn’t want to be too edgy with their adult themes. But then again, they also changed a TON of other stuff.

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      1. Hmmm … I don’t know, the age doesn’t bother me that much, but I didn’t really think that the new Quentin is emotionless, at least not any less than the one from the book. It’s difficult to explain somehow … but in a way he fits the role really well, while also being a little better than the book version?


  2. I agree with everything Kat said. I didn’t really like Quentin in the book. Needy with low self-esteem is the perfect description. I haven’t seen the show yet, but it looks more exciting than the book. I only read the first one.

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    1. I am so glad you agree! 🙂 I was a little disappointed with the first book, but since I bought the box set of the trilogy, I was determined to read no and I have to say that I don’t regret it. I loved the second book the most and the third book comes in second after that. Q really grew on me during that time and the books left quite the impression on me. So, if you are ever bored, maybe you should give them another chance! I would love to hear your opinion!

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        1. That is true. Quentin’s friend Julia did only shortly appear in a couple of scenes during the first book and then became a main character in the second book. It’s like you found out her backstory in reverese.


  3. This is the first time that I’ve known about this. The name is a little bit off to me (though not as much as Wynter and Sneaux in a snow-and-winter themed novel I read) but those CGI effects… *long whistle*


  4. Sigh. I’ve been on the fence about checking this show out. On one hand, I hated the book and DNFed it about 90% of the way through. On the other hand, I mostly hated the writing, and the premise had SO MUCH POTENTIAL that a show could be infinitely better. So idk.


  5. I just watched the pilot and I think I actually preferred it to the first book. Honestly, I’m not sure if I want to continue the series – mostly because Quentin is so irritating. So, yeah, tv Quentin is an improvement. I definitely want to continue the show.


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