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Celebrity Book Tag

So this tag is totally geared toward a specific demographic because I am of the opinion that there are better actors than some of those listed here. But I digress.

This tag was created by Mandersonxoxo on BookTube and I was tagged by Kat @ The Impossible Girl Blog (3 months ago) and Jess @ Princessica of Books (5 months ago).

And yes, I resurrect tags.

Emma Watson — A book with a hot, kick-butt female character

Safiya and Iseult from Truthwitch. Sure I didn’t really like this book…but these two ladies were dynamic representations (except for all the sexual tension between Safi and her suitor).

Ryan Gosling— A book with the hottest male character

Uh. That baddie in Brandon Sanderson’s Firefight (he was literally fire and combustion).

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt — A book with your favorite fictional book couple

I…how to answer?

Shailene Woodley — Author you’ve recently discovered and loved

Victoria Schwab.

Josh Hutcherson- Favorite short story or novella

…heightism at it’s finest.

I don’t read too many short stories or novellas, so I’ll just have to say Legion by Brandon Sanderson

Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock — Favorite Big Book (over 500 pages)

Uh, I can tell you big books I haven’t read: Illuminae, Passenger (it’s basically 500), Way of Kings (1k+), Afterworlds.

Someone buddy read Way of Kings with me so I can be held accountable. Sales pitch: it’s epic fantasy, 1k pages, intended 10 book series (I heard). …hi.

Leonardio DiCaprio — A series with the most upsetting death (NO SPOILERS)

The more proper category prompt should be “the book that has been snubbed for an award” — AM I RIGHT?

Chaos Walking Trilogy (Patrick Ness). You know. YOU KNOW.

Kristen Stewart — A book you found boring

I just think K.Stew gets typecast into boring roles.

Is it unfair to say this even though I’m not even done it? Colleen Hoover’s Hopeless. Nothing is happening. NOTHING. They jog. THAT’S IT.

Ian Somerhalder and his cat — Cutest book on your shelf

Why is this a prompt? Why are people so thirsty?!

I don’t even know how to answer this…

Jennifer Lawrence — Perfect book or series

Recently: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Hype, get on it.

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I’m running out of tags oh my.


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50 thoughts on “[Awards/Tags] — Celebrity Book Tag”

  1. “Leonardio DiCaprio — A series with the most upsetting death.” Hahaha, too true. Thanks for the tag, Joey!


  2. I feel so passionately about the K. Stew issue because see seems awesome and why do people hate her?? Haha, anyways, thanks for the tag!


      1. Yeah, I feel like she’s been put in a box because of Bella. Admittedly, I haven’t seen any of her other movies, but she can’t be that bland in real life, can she?


  3. FINALLY you do this tag. To be honest, I forgot I even tagged you. Ooh, I feel you on “Hopeless.” When I first read it, I liked it and gave it 4 stars but looking back, it was okay and I’m feeling 3.5 right now.


      1. I USED to love her so much… and then I realized all of her stories were basically the same premise. I guess I grew out of it, which is weird because she is an NA author, not YA..


  4. To be honest I’d rather have Ian Somerhalder as the hottest male character prompt not Ryan Gosling….thirsty person over here! Too true about Leonardo DiCaprio but the Josh Hutcherson prompt was so shady. Short person problems! Thanks for the tag 🙂


  5. Hey, Joey!

    Thanks for the tag. I LOVE this. And you threw such shade at KStew AND Hopeless which was quite a meh read for me too!

    I am really excited for this now!



    1. Okay to be fair, I’m only saying what other people are thinking about Hopeless (well, that’s what I think at least). But I don’t hate K.Stew as an actress. She seriously does get the crap end of roles sometimes.

      Typical question: “Hey can we find a plain Jane actress for this role?”
      “Okay, I’m on my way” – KStew (maybe).


  6. Way of Kings is still sitting nicely on my nightstand telling me to read it. I positively whimper whenever I look at it, lol! When you ever decide to crack it open, let me know! 😉


      1. That’s me and doing a couple of re-reads. I realized re-reading a book doesn’t count towards reviewing books on my blog, so I had to actually pick up things I CAN review, lol. Woe is the life of a reader and reviewer!


  7. Most upsetting death, yes! I’ll have to agree with you on that one. If you’re talking about the Knife though, because I haven’t read the others….so is there more deaths? (don’t really answer that) ughhh. I plan to read the second book next month and probably just read the last also.


    1. I am quite stoked that you enjoyed Knife! (Anything Ness writes is like my version of your Lyga — but you already knew that.) I definitely won’t say anything about the sequels aside from Ask and the Answer being my favourite of the 3 books despite it being the slowest paced of the trilogy.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Joey, as always, thanks for tagging me, Joey! I don’t know if you intend to be humorous whilst doing this tag, but you seem so funny with your answers. Haha! Have a great day, Joey! 🙂


  9. Thank you kindly for the tag, Joey, however I have already done it! (but I suppose there is no harm in doing it again…)
    I agree with your thoughts on the Leonardo Di Caprio question, 100%! Haha.
    And Chaos Walking… Is it the death that I think it is? I THINK IT IS.


  10. ok so this tag made me laugh and i totally agree with you that this tag is very obviously targeted towards a certain demographic but either way i really enjoyed reading your answers. and your proposed edit for the leo question is PERFECT.


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