[Top Ten Tuesday] – #90 – 2015 Releases I Didn’t Get To

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
2015 Releases I Didn’t Get To

Initial Thoughts:

The only answer is Goodreads.com….all of it. 

The sad thing is all I have to do is turn my head to the right and all these books are right there chillin’ and waiting to be read. I’m good at this reading thing.

All images link back to their Goodreads site.

illuminae - amie kaufman jay kristoff - book coverwe all looked up - tommy wallach (book cover)armada - ernest cline (cover)an-ember-in-the-ashes-sabaa-tahirerin bow - the scorpion rules - book coverthe-thing-about-jellyfish-ali-benjamin-book-coverthe novice - taran matharu - book coverdelicate-monsters-stephanie-kuehn-book-covershutter-courtney-alameda-book-cover i-hunt-killers-barry-lyga-book-covergame-barry-lyga-book-coverblood-of-my-blood-barry-lyga-book-cover

Illuminae (Amy Kaufman & Jay Kristoff)

Super stoked to have stacked discounts and coupons to get this gem for $3.35 CAD but I still haven’t read it omgwhy. But I have yet to hear a terrible review from you buds.

We All Looked Up (Tommy Wallach)

This was one of my anticipated 2015 Contemporaries-For-Non-Contemporary-Me but I never got around to it. No reason. It also sounded like

Armada (Ernest Cline)

This was so up there and it was even sent to me by Joy (thank you again, Joy) but for some reason

An Ember in the Ashes (Sabaa Tahir)

TBH. I didn’t even realize that person standing inside the text of Ember in the Ashes

The Scorpion Rules (Erin Bow)

I tried to read this…I really did. But then my attention turned to something else and I couldn’t get back into the world. Plus, I was confused AF…so there’s that.

The Thing About Jellyfish (Ali Benjamin)

I liked the idea of reading this more than actually doing it.

The Novice (Taran Matharu)

Pokemon was an inspiration. Uh, fuck yeah.

Delicate Monsters (Stephanie Kuehn)

I’ve always wanted to read a Stephanie Kuehn novel. At first it was Complicit (but I never came to owning it). Then at the latter half I found myself to own this book and it sits in the pile. It would seem like one of those “love or wtf-is-this-shit” type novels so that’s fun. Really fun.

Shutter (Courtney Alameda)

I was le intrigued.

Jasper Dent Trilogy (Barry Lyga)

Mainly because I was waiting on Book Outlet for all 3…BUT THE TRILOGY IS IN MY POSSESSION NOW.



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48 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #90 – 2015 Releases I Didn’t Get To”

  1. Noooobody has read An Ember in the the Ashes yet so I’m going to tell you what I tell everybooooody (sorrysorry): YOU MUST READ AN EMBER IN THE ASHES YOU MUST MUST YOU MUST.
    Many thanks.


  2. The Jasper Dent is one of my favorite series ever; it’s SO good!! I’m reading Illuminae right now and it’s definitely worth the hype around it so far. Very original! And a lot of the other titles are on my TBR as well.


  3. Yep to An Ember in the Ashes, yep to Illuminae, yep to The Scorpion rules. I’m terrible at this keeping up with books thing…


  4. You haven’t read Illuminae yet??? OMGWHY INDEED! That was such a great read! And definitely a cover buy too! Hope you get to read it soon. 😀


  5. i haven’t read any of these!! maybe because i read mostly contemporary (actually that’s definitely it…) but i do want to read illuminae and we all looked up *eventually*. also i still don’t see the person standing in the text in an ember in the ashes?? i may or may not be slowlyy losing my eyesight. and if you do get to the i hunt killers trilogy soon, please tell me how it is! i started the first a few years ago but never ended up getting past the first chapter… although i do think i would love it if i did finish it because i love thrillers! anyway happy reading joey! best of luck with these!


    1. With all the hype for Making a Murderer, I’m probably gonna find some time to watch that and hype myself up for the rage and anger necessary to read Jasper Dent. I’m trying to get into contemporary more…ish this year so maybe you will see some contemporary recs from me eventually (maybe, probably not).


  6. I just saw the person on the cover of Ember in The Ashes after you pointed it out haha, I’m yet to read it as well. Everyone who has read it is very impressed by it though!


  7. 2015, tbh, was a lazy reading year for me or at least the second half of it. I didn’t get to read any big books like Illuminae or An Ember in the Ashes (even though I have it sitting on my shelf). And lol at The Scorpion Rules. I had the same problem as you.

    Also : I can’t believe you have not read We All Looked Up aka one of my faves from last year. It is fantastical, Joey, read ittttt.


    1. I understand your reading not-slump due to school and the like (you were even gone-ish from the blogging world too). At least you kept up with iZombie though (hopefully), so that’s a plus.

      I will be so sad if I find myself reading Wallach’s new book before getting to WALU. Ack.


  8. A few of these I have on my TBR and I also never got around to them. I really liked An Ember in the Ashes. Yay Jasper Dent! I’m glad you finally got them. NOW GO READ THEM! 😛 I’m currently waiting on a reaction from someone else too. I got the author of Shattered Blue to read I Hunt Killers too. LOL.


  9. I’ve not heard of The Novice but the fact that Pokemon was an inspiration has me sold!
    Now I must insist you join us on the Illuminae bandwagon. You won’t regret it, trust me. 😛


  10. I stayed up reading An Ember in the Ashes two days ago until 3.30am! It’s really good–gut feeling says 5/5 but I haven’t yet really thought about it. I hope you enjoy it if you end up reading it. 😛


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