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[Book Events] Indigo Book Preview (2016 Fall)


Indigo Book Preview: Fall 2016 Edition

On August 17, 2016, five months after Indigo’s last event, the team at Indigo Teen brought together the reading/blogging community in Toronto for another preview; this time for Fall 2016 releases.

For worldwide readers, if you’re unfamiliar with what/who Indigo is, they’re your friendly neighborhood Barnes & Nobles, Waterstones, Kinokuniya, Dymocks etc.

But before I delve into the recap, I need to thank the individuals behind @IndigoTeen for extending an invitation for me to attend.

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[Book Events] Indigo Midnight Magic: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Release Party (Toronto)

20160730 HP IndigoMidnightMagic - pre-event

Harry Potter Midnight Magic

I am perhaps the worst journalist/reporter ever as I’m recapping this event to you a week later lololol.

Last Saturday on July 30, 2016, I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out at Indigo’s midnight release party for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Let me preface this post to say that while I am a fan of the the Harry Potter universe, I’m that person who read a few of the books and opted for the films instead (because reasons). So I was mostly there for the community and to do my blogging due diligence as I didn’t pre-order or get a copy for myself.

But let’s get on with the festivities!

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[Book Events] Indigo Teen Summer Preview 2016


Indigo’s Summer Teen Preview

On March 16, 2016, I was invited to attend Indigo’s Teen Summer Preview Event (re chapters.indigo.ca) — which, in hindsight, if you were a random passerby on the outside looking in, we’d look like a cult following in a kumbaya campfire formation. Or maybe Readers Anonymous (?). Thanks for sharing, I guess.

And if you’re wondering what Indigo is, just imagine if Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Kinokuniya, or Dymocks hosted an event. Bam.

And as you know, I am terrible at remembering to take photos so I’ll be recapping this event via my super [fail] memory and crediting images taken via the Twitter hashtag #IndigoSummerPreview.

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