[ARC August] – 2016 Sign Up

ARC August is a yearly bookish event where you read as many Advanced Reader Copies in one month as you can! The event is hosted by Octavia and Shelly (at) Read, Sleep, Repeat

ARC August 2016 Banner

Initial Thoughts:

You know this, I know this, everyone in the damn reading community knows this: I AM TERRIBAD at ReadAThons in general. One week readathons in particular are the worst; which is why I enjoy these month long shenanigans because I can actually accomplish [at least] one book lololol.

There’s no rhyme or reason to which I will read first. I’ll just read whatever my mood takes me. Many of these, you’ll notice, are books that I never even got to during MakeMeReadAThon — aside from Metaltown which I’m 1/3 done. But yeah, July has been a tame reading month because life.

Many thanks to: Simon & Schuster Canada, Raincoast Books (re: Macmillan), and Chapters Indigo for providing me the various ARCs I will be attempting for this months challenge.

If I HAD to guess the order of books:

  1. Metaltown (YA steampunk Newsies meets Les Miserables)
  2. Secrets, Lies, and Scandals (YA HTGAWM…)
  3. Mark of the Plague (MG Hist-Fic re: London Plague, Book 2 of The Blackthorn Key)
  4. It Looks Like This (YA Contemp. LGBT with problematic (?) content and lackthereof for quotation marks — re: Goodreads)
  5. Vassa in the Night (YA Urban Fantasy Retelling)
  6. Swarm (YA Urban Fantasy re: X-Men vibes, Book 2 of Zeroes)


Probable fate: 3 books. Which is fineeeee.

Are you participating in ARC August?


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3 thoughts on “[ARC August] – 2016 Sign Up”

  1. 3 books is goood – I think I’d read less than that to be honest! But good luck with this readathon! 😀 And your books look good – glad you’re getting to Swarm – I think you really liked Zeroes? I remember you doing a book tag/meme about it once!


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