[Make Me Read It Readathon 2016] — Vote For The Books I Should Read

make me read it readathon 2016 banner

Make Me Read It Readathon


A read-a-thon where people to make tough life choices in voting for a pre-selected book they think you should read. The book(s) with the most votes are to be read first, followed by the second highest, and so forth.


It runs from July 9 to July 16 during 2016 and starts at 12 a.m. your time and lasts for a week.

Make Me Read It!

(Note: if you’re unable to vote in the GoogleDocs using WordPress Reader, you may have to open the link to the blog itself or click here.)


The toughest thing about this readathon is ensuring Mister Moody inside of me doesn’t go batshit crazy and decides to read something else (thankfully, re-reading is not an option since I never do that anyways).

Happy voting — and if you have thoughts to add drop me a line below! Or tell me if you’re participating and drop me the link and I’ll head over to vote on your poll!


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15 thoughts on “[Make Me Read It Readathon 2016] — Vote For The Books I Should Read”

  1. Please read Vassa In The Night on my behalf. I want to preorder it because of cover & Russia but I need to be reassured that it won’t be a waste of my time like The Crown’s Game was.


  2. Excuse me as I stalk your blog to find this. Also do you want me to link this up for you? Because consider it done hahaha. (Unless you don’t, in which case, too bad :P)

    I voted for Metaltown and Vassa. My reasons? I have none! They just sound really good 🙂

    Thank you so much for joining! Hopefully Mister Moody doesn’t make an appearance!


  3. All of those books sound extremely awesome, but Last Seen Leaving looks really good. Good luck with your readathon!


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