[Top Ten Tuesday] – #114 – Conversation Starters Between Readers (or just Shit Readers Say)

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Conversation Starters Between Readers

Initial Thoughts:

While I’ve only been part of the reading community for a short period of time, I’ve come to realize I use the same conversation starters when talking to people (typically in person).  For the sake of this post, I lumped readers/bloggers into one synonymous term.

This is loosely like the Shit X Say but more geared towards starting that conversation rather than making passing comments.

“What are you reading right now?”

It’s unoriginal…but it’s your bread and butter. It really is.

“How are you enjoying it?”

This follows up the initial question because we all want people to enjoy what they’re reading.

“Okay but can we talk about [insert-narrative-element-complaints]!”

But sometimes people don’t like what they’re reading…and if you’re privy to the same negativity, then complaining about the same thing is just super. #friendswhobitchtogetherstayhitchedforever

“Did you hear about [insert-drama]?”

Only to be used when you’re closer with your buds. Or with people who give zero fucks. Or with people who enjoy stirring the pot so long as it doesn’t revolve around them (I am totally describing myself).

“Are you attending X signing or Y event?

The super superfans want to go to everything and just hang out.

“Which books did you haul/request?”

TBR enthusiasts will understand that to-be-read piles are actually a competition for who-can-create-the-tallest-mountain.

“Have you read this?”

And almost everyone is a TBR enthusiast  who, upon perusing books with, is a daredevil and loves to play Jenga with said Mount TBR.

“Could you recommend me [blank]?”

Although no one is ever prepared for the non definitive answer. It’s almost like asking who your favourite author/book is…


Have you used any of these? Have I missed some quotes?

Let me know!


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24 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #114 – Conversation Starters Between Readers (or just Shit Readers Say)”

  1. All of this so true! I find myself in conversations using these with fellow reader.
    By friends who are non readers I get asked if I’ve read something a lot. Usually it’s a much hyped book that I have read. And if I run into one of them at the library, they’ll ask me to pick something off the shelves for them. I’m always worried I’ll pick something they don’t like.


  2. I use all of these on a daily basis, but depending on the person and book, it always feels different. I’m perfectly content asking these questions all my life, because I know I’ll get a different answer every time! 🙂


  3. I’m totally bookmarking this and using this for reference when I meet other readers and my social awkwardness takes over. I don’t think I’m awkward with strangers but acquaintances KILL me. It’s like your small talk period is over but you’re not friends. (Sorry for this tangent.)


  4. I agree about ‘what are you reading?’ being your bread and butter! I use it a lot, especially in conversations with my friends, sometimes it will be the first thing I ask them! 😀
    After that we talk about the book in general but I probably have used, at least once, the rest on your list.
    I say ‘I hope you enjoy it’ regarding books I’ve already read others maybe haven’t, but if I loved a book I really hope others do as well! 🙂
    Great post, and great pick for this week as well!


  5. While I enjoying talking about reading with my reading friends, I kind of hate when someone else asks me what I’m reading. I just don’t know how to explain some of the books I read to people without it sounding really strange sometimes.


  6. yeah, pretty much all of them. And also “when is release date for next one? I can’t wait to have it on my grabby hands!”


  7. God this is so me! Even though these conversation starts have been used time after time and are starting to get old, I still use them. It could be because I am an awkward little book worm, but hey they are go to starters for a reason. If they work, they work haha


  8. Sadly I don’t know a lot of real peeps in my everyday life who even like books. Maybe one? Her and don’t talk often either, only when working. I have definitely used number on almost all our conversations! So! Thanks a bunch for the 2-10 because I have no idea how else to talk about books with her!
    Also, Mount TBR ==> nice.


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