[Top Ten Tuesday] – #106 – Characters Who Drank From The Fountain of Youth

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Characters Who Drank From
The Fountain of Youth

Initial Thoughts:

The original prompt considered revisiting favourite childhood characters when they’re older. But I can’t do that because if I imagine them any differently, the nostalgia is gone. SO THEY WILL FOREVER LIVE ON AS FOREVER YOUNG.

All of these will be from 90’s television (cartoons) and movies as I have zero books to pull answers from to apply to this prompt.


Pokemon was a pretty big part of my childhood. Huge, actually. I remember my brother beat me up (ish) because I caught a Pokemon he couldn’t way back in Red/Blue. Such is life.  But seriously, through 21837289321 seasons, Ash has not aged a bit and that is how it shall remain in my mind.


I grew up watching the still-baby version (and that’s the one I will always remember) but I came across this grown up image one day and they’re all incredibly hipster and good looking — but I kinda dig it. (Artwork re Isaiah Stevens – deviantArt)


Hey Arnold!

Another childhood afterschool favourite! Seriously, can you imagine if his odd overgrown head also hit puberty? It’d be the size of a UFO or something. Isaiah, the artist of above, also crafted a Grown Up version of the cast in this show.

Big Comfy Couch

Imagine if the dust bunnies in this show kept accumulating…dust.

Magic School Bus

I loved the days when we watched MSB in elementary school. Can I just say that if I had a kid enrolled in Frizzles class and had to sign a “field trip” slip consenting their attendance, I’d constantly murmur to said child, “okay kiddo, where the fuck are you going this time?” Anyways, I digress, they’re forever children in my eyes.

Spongebob Squarepants

You know what a real sponge would look like with age and use? A brick of mold.

Are You Afraid of the Dark / Goosebumps

These shows explored my fascination with the eerie and spooky but I’ll let these tales sit in the past because checking up on them (e.g. reading the synopsis) would kill that nostalgia because they’d all seem so ridiculous.

Home Alone

The now Kevin McCallister (re Macaulay Culkin) is just…no. The youngster version of him will live on forever in the traditions of Winter movie marathons.


Am I the only one who actually wanted this game to exist IRL as a kid? Deadly, perhaps, but it look so fun!

The Little Rascals

The charm of “I have two pickles, I have two pickles, I have two pickles today hey hey!” exists only as a child.


Any television shows or movies you cannot un-see the youthfulness of its characters?


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35 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #106 – Characters Who Drank From The Fountain of Youth”

    1. Either McCallister aged terribly or Macaulay Culkin is a legit adult carbon copy of his younger self (well…I would hope so?). It’d be interesting to see him pull pranks since “pranking” is such a big thing on YouTube. Too bad drugs (or something?) got the best of him.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ahahaha, Magic School Bus! I put this on for the four-year-olds I teach sometimes. They’re always so riveted, though it did take them quite a few tries saying “Ms. Frizzle”.

    Also, I’m pretty sure Ryan Gosling was in an AYAotD or Goosebumps episode. I kind of know this because my sister and I ended up putting it on Netflix one day and going: “…that looks like a kid version of Ryan Gosling. OMG IT IS.”

    Oh childhood shows.


  2. Ah, Ash ketchum, the eternal 10-year-old and a pokemon trainer. A kid’s dream.
    I would really want to see Caillou as an adult LOL idk why it would be pretty depressing
    and I would like to see Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable as adults. That would be really nostalgic..But I also think they would make pretty good-looking adults haha


      1. maybe cause being a 10 year old wasn’t my favorite thing in the world LOL
        oh..now that you mention it..I can’t imagine as anything but bald lol.


  3. Oh the memories! I loved most of these growing up, and I would also love to see how everyone from Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Big Comfy Couch, and The Magic School Bus, turned out! Great Top Ten! 😀
    My TTT.


  4. I have always been baffled at the fact that Ash could just walk out of his home in his PJ’s at 10 years old to be a Pokemon trainer. Like, he could have at least changed before he left haha.
    The Rugrats movie was on the other day and I had such a trip down memory lane. It was like my childhood coming back to me since The Wild Thornberry’s film was on after the Rugrats. 😀


  5. Oh my gosh, Rugrats and Magic School Bus!! The nostalgia. And I think I own one of the Pokemon movies but I was never really into it. I do remember watching Dragon Ball Z with the neighborhood Viets though. XD


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