[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: April 2016

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A Rewind Of:
April 2016



Think Aloud:

#33 – Why I’d Be A Terrible Protagonist: Reason #12: “What is a Map?” (If you have any thoughts as to “reasons” why us humans would be terrible protagonists, do let me know!)



Memes (Top Ten Tuesday):

#102 – Male Book Bloggers in the Community (a list of 30~ names!)
#103 – YA Series Bloggers Can Read to Earn Street Cred
#104 – Books That Make You Laugh
#105 – That Feeling When…Bookish Delights


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Other Feels:

Television (Not a full list of what I watch):

(If you love to talk television, hit me up on Twitter and we can share feels together!)

Arrow S4: Behind.

Awkward S5: Writing needs to move on from Matty

Big Brother Canada S4: I’ve basically stopped watching after the main people I wanted to win left the house (I pretty much do this every season LOL).

Containment S1: I don’t know why I hype myself up for these shows. It’s terrible.


Daredevil S1: Finished Season 1 (finally) and oh boy what a good show.

Faking It S2: The relationships rehashing the same dynamics of miscommunication is getting a tad tedious now.

Game of Thrones S6: R+L=J incoming. (Fun fact: I’ve not been annoyed by Sansa yet this season. It’s a record!) Also, Ramsay’s character arc is rather annoying to me now, if a bit one dimension idk.

House of Cards S4: Haven’t started.

iZombie S2: Am I behind…?

Limitless S1: Behind.

Legends of Tomorrow S1:  Dropped.

Lucifer S1: Behind.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD S3: YO NO ONE WARNED ME ABOUT THAT DEPATURE WHAT THE FUCK 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 :(… No, but seriously, a “spy’s goodbye” holy shit the waterworks came on.

Orphan Black S4: NEW CLONE NEW CLONE NEW CLONE. Man do I love that Hendrix household.

Quantico S1: As I watch this show, it’s both engrossing and annoying at the same time courtesy of Alex. But why.

Reign S3: Continues being a convoluted show.

Shadowhunters S1: I know the season is over–and that it got renewed–but I just haven’t continued watching it.

The 100 S3: Behind.

The Blacklist S3: Mr. Kaplan.

The Flash S2: Behind.


The Magicians S1: The abrupt ending (was it abrupt?) was pretty good. I enjoyed the half-formed intersection of old friends and new villains as it leaves a lot to be discovered in the next season. Overall: the premise and acting does feel initially awkward early on but it grows on you and I actually appreciated that directive intent. I’d give it a watch if you aren’t going to read the books. Basically Harry Potter meets Narnia for Adults (viewer discretion is advised).

The Vampire Diaries S7: Behind.


Zootopia: It’s probably really bad of me to say that the plot is predictable because it -is- a children’s movie but regardless of that one fact, it’s still smartly executed and overall enjoyable. Plus, since I didn’t know Shakira was voice acting in the film, it was a big “I KNOW THIS VOICE” moment when I heard her.

10 Cloverfield Lane: You know….I went into this thinking it was a claustrophobic mind fuck of a thriller. And it was. But then it got to the end and it was like “what the fuck is this shit?” and I’m just like nope. (Note: I haven’t seen the actual Cloverfield movie so maybe that’s why.)

The 5th Wave: An enjoyable comedy movie for the family. 


(Maroon bolded names link to the track for easy peasy listening)


Mako – Into the Sunset: Mako will never disappoint me. Seriously such an easy peasy listen.

Halsey – Colours – I’ve two different remixes here. One by Sam Feldt (more mellow) and the other from Audien (more hype-y with harder drops). I enjoy both for different reasons.

Sondr – Surviving (feat. Joe Cleere): Not sure if I’ve featured a tropical house in a while, so here you go.

Vicetone – Bright Side (feat. Cosmos and Creature): Revived an oldie I didn’t showcase on here (I think?)

Cash Cash – How to Love (feat. Sofia Reyes): Upbeat, groovy, and it’s Cash Cash.



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24 thoughts on “[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: April 2016”

  1. Criminal Minds: I just finished S10 because of Netflix, but I follow one of the actors on Instagram, and well, they mentioned the departure epi and I STILL CRY INSIDE EVEN THOUGH I HAVEN’T PICKED UP S11.

    Ditto about Ramsay, though. Then again, I never really liked his storyline, because I would have much rather gone to see the drama in the Iron Islands. Would have been great if they went there instead.


  2. Eep, 1 star for Heir to the Sky! I haven’t seen favourable reviews for that one, but then again I also didn’t like Amanda Sun’s debut novel. I think the things that bothered you about Heir to the Sky would bother me too. :/

    God, Criminal Minds. I used to binge-watch that show and that was one of the best/worst decisions of my life. I LOVE THE CAST but it was often so intense (I’m terrible with gore/thriller/etc.). Also I’m about to start on The Mindy Project.

    And on Zootopia – I agree that the plot was predictable, but hey, it’s still Disney and I think the animation was just amazing. Plus, SLOTHS.


    1. Admittedly, if scenes have too much gore (by that I mean excessive use of splattered blood), I do look away haha. I hope you enjoy Mindy Project!

      The Sloth trailer is the only one I’ve seen of Zootopia and was completely sold on. So good. Although, I kinda do regret watching the trailer as it was less funny viewing it in theaters haha.


  3. I was recording Containment, but hadn’t watched it when I decided to just delete them from my DVR because I didn’t really think I would end up watching it. I’m loving Orphan Black this season (and every other season).
    I hope May blogging is better for you. I just drafted what will be my second book review of the month, so I’m already beating what I did in April.


    1. Containment is one of those shows I’ll have playing while I do other stuff and it doesn’t really keep my attention unlike others. Not sure if it’s because I’ve familiarized myself with dystopian worlds through fiction or what.

      I’m just really enjoying the rollback towards the initial conflict in Orphan Black that kick started this whole journey for Sarah.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Unless you’re dying to watch it, you can definitely wait until the video release. I don’t imagine the theater experience adding much to the viewing (I watched the basic 3D) unless you’re a huge cinephile who notices all the visual/audio benefits of watching it on the big screen.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t think the writing in Awkward is ever going to move on from Matty. I am assuming that (since this is the final season), they want to make him endgame.
    Who left Criminal Minds? Do I even want to know!? I am so behind …
    The Lucifer finale is great, just as a little motivation to catch up 😉 glad it got renewed cause I can’t live with cliffhangers.
    Would you rather we have warned you about SHIELD? That episode had me so sad, because I did not think that would happen.
    Somehow I am really not happy with this season of The 100 and TVD or the Originals … CW has some issues …


    1. Like I said in another comment, I will murder someone if Matty/Jenna is endgame. After all the tedious back and forth shit they put viewers through, I’m just like…no. Screw this shit.

      I do miss the random quips from Tom Ellis/Lucifer so maybe one day I’ll catch up haha. I’m glad that the season is only 13 episodes though!

      CW is so hit-or-miss but mostly miss because they’re so adamant about their longer standing shows where the only thing that’s really pulling them along is the star power of its cast. Like…if the writing doesn’t call for another season then why stretch it? Ugh.


      1. Well, get your weapon of choice ready, it sure looks like they want to end it on that note still.
        I agree on everything you said about the CW. It’s very frustrating though ..


  5. I wish we were able to watch Big Brother Canada here. There was a YouTube channel awhile back that used to upload the episodes, but then I don’t know what happened and then after a few years I stopped trying lol. I even attempted Big Brother UK one year, which was actually pretty amazing and so much better than US BB.

    I’m so excited that Orphan Black is back! I’m an episode behind, but I’ll probably end up watching it once the new one airs this week. That way I can have double to Orphan Black!


    1. BBUK sounds like it could be pretty fun. BB Canada had two international houseguests as wildcards this year (on UK, one Aussie) and the UK one was kinda crazy…but fun! There are definitely outlets to stream BBCAN if you really wanted to but this season is kinda mediocre in my opinion (I partly blame production).


    1. While I haven’t seen this season, I’m kinda bummed that they didn’t end the series with 4 seasons (52 cards in a deck = House of Cards — yeah??) Anyways. I don’t even know what I enjoyed about HoC. It was strangely addicting, but it might be because of compelling acting by Spacey and Wright that I powered through my two season binge.


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