[Awards/Tags] — Ultimate Game of Thrones Book Tag

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Ultimate Game of Thrones Book Tag

Sometimes I text my friends “DUN DUN DUHNADUHNDUN DUHNADUHNDUN” — and given the clue of this tag, if you understand what I’m getting at, then are clearly best friends.

Thanks for tagging me Nick @ The Paper Dragon!

Part 1: Bookish Questions

“We do not sow” – A book you would not be willing to invest in.

I’d like to think I’d give most books a try but at this time probably true non-fiction books is a no-go for me; unless it’s some actor or someone famous idk.

Edit: okay, so I just looked around my room and within two arms-length distance to me is a hardcopy of Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries; a book I picked up at a library sale for $3. I’m sure it’s a wonderful textured read but 850 pages? Damn, I’ll just go read Way of Kings instead.

“Fire and blood” – A book that produced strong emotions in you.

Poo Todd, Poo.

“Winter is coming” – Your favourite Winter read.

I’ve never really had a seasonal tradition to read a specific book. So instead I’ll just say that I do enjoy the nostalgia of Home Alone movies LOL.

“Family. Duty. Honour.” – A book about strong family ties.

Can I just say that most books I read feature orphans? Damn fantasy worlds.

Six of Crows. I’ll fight you if you don’t think the Dregs are a family. I. Will. Fight. You.

“Growing Strong” – A book you had low expectations of but that grew on you.

Man, I’m killing this with my non-answers.

I don’t know about you but 97% of the time when I enter a book with low expectations…they’re successfully met with low returns. Like Elle Kennedy’s The Deal or my sad attempt at CoHo (which I didn’t even finish). Yeah, no.

“Ours is the fury” – A book that made you furious.

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye.

Literally, I do not know how I am going to review book. I was Fifty Shades of Pissed throughout reading this debut, super hyped novel.

“Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.” – A book you have unwavering devotion to.

Not a book but Patrick Ness himself because his brain is made of all kinds of amazing.

“A Lannister always pays his debts” – A book you feel indebted to.

The 5th Wave by Ricky Yancey — for kickstarting my need to review books on the Internet.

Part 2: Fan Theories

Who do you want to win Game of Thrones?

Hodor. Hodor? Hodor.

But the seriously answer is in the offspring of R+L=? — A+ if you understood this :)!

Who do you think will make it to the end and who do you think will die?


Part 3: My Game of Thrones

Would you win or die?

I’d probably die in the most un-fun, un-cool way ever. Like I’ll trip walking down a flight of stairs and crack my skull or something and it will be so anti-climatic.

What House are you in?

I did a Game of Thrones test and it put me in House Tyrell. I’m okay with that.

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Rowing, rowing, Gendry down the stream…


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35 thoughts on “[Awards/Tags] — Ultimate Game of Thrones Book Tag”

  1. The only book you mentioned that I’ve read is Six of Crows, and hell yes to your use of it in the Family Ties question.

    And yeah, the number of orphans clogging up the fantasy genre is ridiculous. Obviously, if kids are going to be self-sufficient and able to go on crazy escapades/adventures, they need some amount of freedom from their parents–but I’d like to see more creativity in how they come by that freedom than the orphan thing or the “my parents are idiots and I have to take care of them/they don’t notice when I’m gone” thing. Can we have more runaways who leave behind parents who are frantic with concern for their kids? Or something? Please?

    “I’d probably die in the most un-fun, un-cool way ever. Like I’ll trip walking down a flight of stairs and crack my skull or something and it will be so anti-climatic.”

    Ha! Yes, this. Not even a long or fancy flight of stairs, either. We’re not meant for glorious deaths, either of us.


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