[Top Ten Tuesday] – #105 – That Feeling When…Bookish Delights

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
That Feeling When…Bookish Delights

Initial Thoughts:

I don’t know if you’ve ever used the abbreviations TFW or if it’s just a gaming community thing but it’s a stand-in for “that feel (or feels/feeling) when [context]” so this will be a list of TFW moments that can otherwise be classified as bookish delights; basically anything book related that makes you happy.

Because feels said so.

TFW Hanging Out With the Community

This could be at a bookstore, chilling at a signing, grabbing some pub grub and drinks, or even doing absolutely nothing somewhere. The conversations could be bookish (and it usually is something book related) but the point is: fun times are fun times, and to sit bar side with fellow book community members drinking and talking nonsense about books and shit — well, take that sweeping stereotype of bookworms.

TFW An Author Remembers You (or at least knows of you)

I melt, you melt, everyone melts. The zen of jello into puddle (say it with me: “I am jello” — unless of course they remember you for a negative review or something then good luck?)

TFW A Book Encourages The Use of Expletives

I call it the “holy fuck adsdsadjhsaduisagd” level of greatness. Inversely, there’s also the “what the fuck is this shit” level of disappointment…but we don’t talk about that here. Not in this post anyways.

TFW Notifications Ping Your Devices

What’s there to say? Visibility is a wonderful feeling; especially in this vast abyss of the Internet.

TFW A Black Sheep Finds Another Black Sheep

I’m not the most well-rounded reader in terms of enjoying “popular” books. In most cases, I dislike most of them for varying reasons. So when someone can be like “yeah, it was pretty bad” — you get me.

TFW A Book is on Discount

I frolic when I come across a discount. Books are getting increasingly expensive and since I mainly buy hardcovers when possible (call me a HC snob, whatever), it’s nice when I don’t have to pay the full cover price.

TFW …Oh, Hello Parcel!

It’s even better when you don’t know which parcel it’s supposed to be or what could possibly be inside.

TFW Skeptical Reading Pays Off

Look: I’m all for being excited by cliffhangers and explosive endings that are interesting or catch me off guard. However, I’m also one to be quite satisfied if I’m able to predict (or best guess) the ending so long as the storytelling holds up to it (if that makes sense?). There’s this fine line between predictability by proxy of shoddy writing and a story that–with skeptical reading–encourages you to follow the trail of Easter eggs.

TFW Embossed Cover Designs Are Therapeutic

Stroke it. Feel it. Do things to it. — thoughts you’ve had while cover lusting.

TFW Coveting a Fandom Before It Becomes Mainstream

Like I was the “original” fan, okay? OKAY?


p.s. I skimmed some lists to see what others are doing and SO MANY OF YOU ENJOY DECKLED EDGES AND I’M LIKE “YOU DO YOU…BUT I DON’T GET IT.” 


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44 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #105 – That Feeling When…Bookish Delights”

  1. hahaha, deckled pages IS popular today, and I do love me some deckled pages.

    ‘I frolic when I come across a discount’ You seriously crack me up in this whole post. This is a great list.


  2. I am definitely known for admiring the embossed covers and I must admit I am a fan of the deckled pages.Bargain buys are the best kind of buys. It doesn’t make me feel as guilty for spending so much on books haha.


  3. Cover designs and our community ❤ Plus, you can never go wrong with book mail XD It's always my favorite part of the day when I see a package, especially when I don't know what it is.

    Lovely post ❤


  4. I’m the exact opposite on buying books – I try to only buy mass market paperbacks because SPACE (they stack so much easier and smaller) but also price.
    The rest of your list really speaks to me, though. 🙂


    1. I think my preference for hardcovers over paperbacks stems from the latter being easily destroyed upon my touch so the sturdiness helps my cause hahaha. I typically wait for books to be found in discounted stores before reading them; which I’m totally okay with.


  5. Discovering a good book before everyone else does is the best feeling, I can’t get over my hipster mentality.


      1. I made a poster for the Hodderscape party when Pierce Brown went to the UK 💕 MY FLIMSY AF CLAIM TO FAME.


    1. OH MY GOODNESS JEANN, YOU GET MEEEEE. Deckled edges make the page-turning experience so tacky, ugh.

      I’m very excited for you and other Aussie buds in Jenna and Aentee do a slow-mo run toward each other into happiness. I AWAIT THESE POLAROID SNAPS.


  6. If I participated in this week I’d add “TFW you walk into a book store and smell the fresh air of new books waiting to be purchased and brought home to be assembled and ready to collect dust on the TBR shelf.” It’s a guilty delight but still one that makes me happy nonetheless.


      1. I don’t really smell my books either. Honestly, I only like the smell of new ones because they tend to be odorless or like trees. However, I like the inside of bookstores because they tend to have cafes. The smell of coffee is pure bliss.


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