[Hogwarts School of Blogcraft and Bookistry] — Herbology: Tips To Care For Your Books


Welcome back students!

This is Part 2 of the content heavyweight Herbology class! If you missed the first lecture, check it out here: Part 1: Finding The Magical Properties of Bloggers.

I hope you’re keeping up with your readings because this lecture is all about how to properly care for your tomes and scriptures. Here to help me out are my brightest students of #TeamRed of the Book Blogger Creativity Project!

Bookish: Tips and Tricks to Better Care For Your Books


Tuzi: “Read them, reread them, lend them–don’t let them just sit on your shelf collecting dust. Books are meant to be shared.


Claire: “I would encourage you to log your books in a notebook or some system (I use a computer program, BookDB2), when lending books to avoid borrowers losing them. I also advise you to be extremely cautious with book edges and corners, since those can become damaged easily. NEVER dogear a page. If, somehow, a paperback cover or page becomes folded, place it properly under a heavier object for a few hours to return it to its original unbent condition.

Angelica: “I usually cover my books in plastic cover to protect them. It really helps!”

Tiffany:Firstly, don’t dog ear your books. Use bookmarks/paper if you don’t have any instead. Secondly, remove your dust jacket when you read a hardcover so you won’t accidentally fold it!

Shannelle:I think the best way to take care of books is by putting them in an enclosed space. I have books taking over an unused glass cabinet. They don’t collect a lot of dust, and they’re not in direct contact with sunlight either, and that helps a lot.




Aentee:You obviously need to buy ALL the shiny bookmarks and use them, instead of dog earing your pages *glares*.  My favourite shops are Hello Happy Art and Nook & Burrow

Aila:*Cracks knuckles* Let’s get this party started. As someone who tries to keep their books pristine, I got a butt load of information. When reading hardcovers, take the book jacket off – this will decrease chances of getting the cover dirty and put them back on when it’s at a safe environment, i.e. a bed or desk. To avoid creasing spines for paperbacks (which can be hard, especially to a hard-loved book), careful not to push the binds all the way out. Sometimes I read the book at 90-degree angle with my head bent to try to keep the spine from bending. Avoid bringing the book to “dangerous” environments, which include but are not limited to: pools, parks, and the kitchen area. If you do bring them, be extra careful and bring a case or bag! Also, unless you’re a master at eating meticulously or hold the book far away, try not to eat meals and read. I can understand for snacks, but eating+reading is MUCH harder than one would expect. Once I was drinking soup and I thought I was being super careful but I landed small soup drops on the book pages?? And I blew up and scared my mother so yeah watch out for that. But all in all, you have to have the heart to keep your books in good condition to be able to do it.

Aimee:I am actually HORRIBLE at keeping my books in mint condition–a lot of them have brown pages, folded covers, cracked spines… I say do your thing, mother nature! But on a more serious note, the only thing I’d say is a legit tip from me on this front is that you should check the weather before taking your book out with you. I can only count the times a book of mine has been soaked through, and attempting asto dry them with a hairdryer? Not a fabulous idea.

Joey:Be mindful of the environment in which you store or read your books.  If they stand upright on shelves, the tops will enjoy more dust. You may opt to place a piece of cloth over the books so it doesn’t accumulate. Sunlight can cause covers and text to fade. High moisture, humid living spaces can make pages stick together or encourage mold. If you must eat, use a napkin (or wash your hands) prior to handling the book again–the pages of Chapter 14 shouldn’t blot the oil out of your fingers!”

What measures do you take to care for your books?

Professor of Herbology, Hogwarts School of Blogcraft and Bookistry 

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14 thoughts on “[Hogwarts School of Blogcraft and Bookistry] — Herbology: Tips To Care For Your Books”

  1. Yup! Sunlight makes them look so long ago. I actually don’t put them in a bookshelf but rather in a big cabinet with lots of drawers to keep them from exposure. I can’t take #shelfies but it’s for my books’ own good!


  2. I’m guilty of still dog eating my pages *shrieks and hides in fear and shame* BUT BUT only to remember quotes, okay?! HEAR ME OUT.
    I wouldn’t say I’m the most obsessive about keeping my books in their highest condition, but I tend to keep them fairly looked after and new-looking, because seeing them messed up makes me cry a little!
    Fabulous post and some fabulous tips (even if they did evoke some guilt within me…) 😊


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