[Hogwarts School of Blogcraft and Bookistry] — Herbology: Finding The Magical Properties of Bloggers


Gather around students!

You might think this class is a joke, but take note: this class spawned students like Matthew Lewis Neville Longbottom. If there’s one thing you walk away with, it’s this: plants are as thirsty as you are.

Need more convincing? Here are responses of some of my brightest students of each house!

This is Part 1 of 2 of the content heavy Herbology class. Part 2 concerns tips to better care for your books and can be found here!

Blogging: Finding the magical properties of bloggers (e.g. hidden talents)


Tuzi: “I look at the book reviews of a blogger to determine their “magical properties.” I characterize the reviews as eloquent, passionate, relatable or hilarious, and I find that the most talented bloggers have the ability to influence my decision to read or not read a book. Such bloggers also force me to rethink my initial impression of a book. I discover this unique ability of “compulsion” by reading through multiple reviews of a book I want to read or already read on Goodreads.”


Claire: “The first thing I do when exploring a new blog is seek out their discussion posts to learn more about the blogger’s writing style, personality, and opinions. I suggest also interacting with the blogger on social media, especially Twitter, to discover more about them.”

Angelica: “The first thing I do to see a blogger’s “hidden talents” is through their discussion posts. Regardless if I agree or disagree with them, if they clearly discussed their point, I would follow them! I would then check their Instagram or Twitter to know more about them.”

Tiffany:Have to agree with Claire and Angel on this one! Discussion post give me a glimpse of someone’s personality. I also like to find a person’s “hidden talent” from their social media.”

Shannelle:Find their about page. Find their social media. That should give some idea of a blogger’s magical properties, but the best way to find it is feed them compliments and love. They’ll be showing you all sorts of awesome before you know it.”


Nori: “I find that I get to know a blogger through their Twitter before I learn about them through their blog! Maybe that’s just me though?”


Aentee:I love discovering bloggers via. their social media. I feel what the blogger tweets about reveals more of their personality than their book reviews or discussion posts ever will.”

Aila:When you’re following a blogger or exploring their blog, there’s so many things to find, be it their first attempts at Booktubing, or their sparkling personality that you can glean from their discussion or personal posts. My advice is to keep your eyes out, because the hidden gems are the ones that are found accidentally.”

Aimee:Personally, I would go ahead and read a couple of the blogger’s most recent posts, whether they’re reviews, discussions or something else–just to get a glimpse of their voice and to see if we might click. If I find the person’s voice interesting and I see their personality shine through, I do a little more sleuthing via their About page and social media accounts. There are so many hidden things about bloggers they share in those places!

Joey: “Try this trick out: fool people with comments on their blog or twitter (note: people love compliments). Once you’re “in”, your new friend will share more of their uniqueness without being prompted to. Now watch the money pile up. Just don’t get too attached, else you’ll end up calling them…a friend? *shudders*”

What are your secrets to learning about bloggers new and old? What do you notice or gravitate towards first?

Professor of Herbology, Hogwarts School of Blogcraft and Bookistry 

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19 thoughts on “[Hogwarts School of Blogcraft and Bookistry] — Herbology: Finding The Magical Properties of Bloggers”

  1. OMG. THIS POST IS GOLD. I completely agree with this – a blogger’s reviews, discussion posts and social media definitely reveal a lot about them. Thanks for sharing you guys, and I can’t wait for part 2! ❤


  2. I love this post !!!
    Usually I look at the blog’s appearance first. I love well decored blogs (still working on mine though !😂)
    After that I take a look at their latest posts, see if I “connect” with their writing style. To finish, since I’m a curious person, I go and read their “about” page 😉
    To find their blog, usually I go into the comments section of a blog I’m already following.


  3. Fantastic! I notice the personality! That thing slaps me in the face! First thing I noticed about you was your humor, loved you immediately, and loving this SST project just as much!


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