[Book Events] – The Shelfie Hop 2015


What is #TheShelfieHop?

It’s a day when blogger participants post pictures of their shelves and the community high-fives each other because books.

I question my eligibility to participate in #TheShelfieHop as I’m on #TeamNoShelf. I really don’t have a bookcase LOL. (I’m probably breaking some Book God’s heart for piling books wherever space is available.) Most of what is on my desk, dresser, and nightstand have no order to how they’re stacked unless they’re:

+ Books I’ve received for review consideration that haven’t been read
+ Books I’ve hauled that haven’t been featured in haul post
+ Books that are on my immediate TBR (which changes quite often)
+ Books that require reviewing

Everything else is placed wherever so long as it doesn’t get all Leaning Tower of Pisa on me. About 75% of these books are from Book Outlet. Lalalala.

Click to open image in a new window if the text is too itty bitty as wp seems to enjoy pixelating everything.






Check out the other Shelfie Hop participants:




This is as neat as my room will get. I give it a week.

If you’ve blog hopped over and I haven’t reached yours yet, do drop a link!


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13 thoughts on “[Book Events] – The Shelfie Hop 2015”

  1. Omg, I love how you did your book/room tour!! All your comments on the photos made me laugh. XD Re: “SOMANYPAGES,” have you read them??? Because so many AMAZINGGGGGGG pages!!! (That’s probably going to end up as my favorite series of all time soooo I’m a little biased, lol.)


  2. I love how your bookshelf tour turned into a room tour. Lol. Your stacks also remind me of a bookstack that toppled from my desk unto my sister’s back when I didn’t have much shelf space for books either. Also, I’m surprised you’re not utilising the space below your bed for all those stacks ;D


  3. You…don’t…own…how…even…what…?
    My bookshelves are my life. I spend hours arranging them beautifully.
    Also, they house many of my clocks…I would have nowhere to put them otherwise.
    Of course, given your bookshelfless situation, I do like what you’ve done with the piles. Quite organised.


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