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[Miscellaneous] – Bout Of Books 14 – MASH Challenge

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What’s Miscellaneous Today?
Bout of Books 14 – MASH Challenge

Playing this M.A.S.H game is elementary school nostalgia. These games are usually more fun when someone chooses what goes into the category, so I did ask a few bloggers (Brandie, Rachel, Josephine) for their input. Just know that many of these are pretty [very] bad (choices that I myself made…)

I then asked Josephine (@wordrevel) for 2 sets of numbers:

  • the first being the order of category listed (9);
  • the second being the number to play the game (17).

This challenge is hosted by Rocky Talk Real Top.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s basically a list of categorized options that tell you what your “future” environment will look like. You go around and eliminate options using your number until there’s 1 option left per.)

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