[Miscellaneous] – Bout Of Books 14 – MASH Challenge

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What’s Miscellaneous Today?
Bout of Books 14 – MASH Challenge

Playing this M.A.S.H game is elementary school nostalgia. These games are usually more fun when someone chooses what goes into the category, so I did ask a few bloggers (Brandie, Rachel, Josephine) for their input. Just know that many of these are pretty [very] bad (choices that I myself made…)

I then asked Josephine (@wordrevel) for 2 sets of numbers:

  • the first being the order of category listed (9);
  • the second being the number to play the game (17).

This challenge is hosted by Rocky Talk Real Top.

(If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it’s basically a list of categorized options that tell you what your “future” environment will look like. You go around and eliminate options using your number until there’s 1 option left per.)


I’m an [Awkward] [Teacher at a fantastical school with all the knowledge but only speaks in riddles] who lives in [1844 Edinburgh] with [Camryn Bennett] and our [septuplet children].

When I’m not teaching, I travel around in my haunted [1958 Plymouth named Christine] with my bud [Christian Grey], mentor [Big Brother], and my [Pet Rock] hoping to not run into my sworn enemy, [Queen Levana].

There’s basically little to look forward to… (I’m secretly hoping I mucked up while doing this and it is all a LIEEEEEEE.)

*Click on the image for the full size

BoutOfBooks14 - MASH Game


Seriously though…my results are pretty shit LOL. I did go with one okay option, one terrible option, and all else in-between. ALL IN GOOD FUN, RIGHT? (I really wanted that Icicle Tricycle…)

Let me know when you last played MASH! And which variants in the categories you enjoyed best!


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12 thoughts on “[Miscellaneous] – Bout Of Books 14 – MASH Challenge”

  1. This is the best, LOLOLOL!! I SO wish you’d gotten the woodsy/spicy scent one. LOL. Christian Grey bestie for life. Love it.


  2. This made me laugh, sighhhhh your Pet Rock…both capitalized…as if the stone were…a real animal.. your “bromance” with Christian Grey and your septuplets *insert all the laugh-cry emojis here* Oh God, the last time I played MASH was in elementary school, I barely remember how it goes. I enjoyed pretty much everything I laughed at. Great post, this was just quality entertainment. *insert more laugh-cry emojis*


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