[Reveal] Odd One Out — Nic Stone

Reveal is the umbrella tagline for me to unveil all the book-related things. But mainly cover/excerpt releases.

Odd One Out – Nic Stone

Check out the cover, blurb, and several reasons for why you should add this one to your shelves immediately.

Get Blurbed:

Courtney “Coop” Cooper
Dumped. Again. Normally I wouldn’t mind. But right now my best friend, Jupiter Sanchez, is ignoring me to text some girl.

Rae Evelyn Chin
I’m the “new girl” but Jupiter and Courtney make me feel like I’m right where I belong. Also, I want to kiss him. And her.

Jupiter Charity-Sanchez
The only thing worse than losing the girl you love to a boy is losing her to your boy. I have to make a move.

One story. Three sides.
No easy answers.

Get Revealed:

  • Odd One Out is… Nic Stone’s sophomore novel following-up her ever successful New York Times Bestseller Dear Martin — which has swept classrooms across America;
  • Odd One Out has… three different people of colour (POC) on a young adult book cover — count em: THREE;
  • Odd One Out showcases..the complexities of sexual identity and fluidity, intersectionalism, non-traditional families, and demonstrates a true representation of romantic love triangles;
  • Odd One Out is… narrated through three “novellas”, each story being one character’s voice flourished by Stone’s powerhouse use of dialogue and humor;
  • Odd One Out has… trivia facts like me helping Nic search for one of the cover models; and,
  • Odd One Out features cheering as a sport, logophiles and crosswords, Queen (the artist), and hormones having a field day.

Learn more about Nic Stone:

Website: nicstone.info
Twitter: @getnicced
Instagram: @getnicced & @booklookz
Goodreads: Odd One Out
Preorder: Get Underlined



This has been a PSA from your fave Nic Stone fanboy. And maybe you can say “Holy shit” with me when you read it.

What are your thoughts on Odd One Out? Will you read it? Have you read Dear Martin yet?


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14 thoughts on “[Reveal] Odd One Out — Nic Stone”

  1. So…. I really need to read Dear Martin, I guess. That one sounds just as great and that cover looks GREAT – but… I have to admit I’m even more of a fan of that dedication you got in your early copy. That’s the dream hahahaha 😛 x

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