[Top Ten Tuesday] – #141 – Books I’ve Put On Hiatus

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This Week’s Theme:
Books I’ve Put on Hiatus

Initial Thoughts:

Since the “official” topics haven’t started up yet and Jamie (of Broke and Bookish) is still on hiatus, I figure why not join in on the hiatus and feature books I’ve put on Hiatus for reasons of mainly a) reading obligations, or b) actuallynotsecretlyaDNFthatisveiledasahiatus

Books I’ve Put On Hiatus

The Star-Touched Queen (Roshani Chokshi)

I am of the belief that there are two camps to this duology: you either really love the world and the sweeping prose or you don’t. And I am of the nope camp. The thing is that I got to the end of Part 1 and was like “hmm?” and then other books came along and I maintained the “hmm?” In all seriousness, I was legit drowning in the lyrical and sugary prose that was confusing the shit out of me.

Hiatus. Maybe. DNF. Possibly.

Crooked Kingdom (Leigh Bardugo)

You: What the fuck are you doing, Joey?
Me: I know 😦
You: Read it!
Me: :(…

I got to 150 pages theeeeen I had to read something else; then I proceeded to get spoiled on Twitter. Nothing is the same ever again.

Way of Kings (Brandon Sanderson)

I honestly need to give myself a few months to read this behemoth. I did start it but like I’ve mentioned previously, 1k+ page hardcover on commute is no bueno.

The Son (Jo Nesbo)

Have you gone click-happy at all the giveaways on Goodreads? Yes, I have too. I won a proof of this from Goodreads First Reads and though was excited for it…it legitimately slipped through the cracks of reading. Lalala.

The Scorpio Races (Maggie Stiefvater)

Going by the assumption that I gave The Raven Cycle a try and noped it, I thought to try the first few chapters of this. I read it. I dug it. I have not continued chapter two since.

Wallbanger (Alice Clayton)

Raise your hand if you’re someone who sets up readalongs and group reads and buddy reads and is also the same one who doesn’t get a chance to finish it meanwhile everyone is on the other side flailing et al.

It me.

Game (Barry Lyga)

I was hopeful in starting-and-finishing this series int he month of November 2016. I read the first book — and really enjoyed it too — but the rest just didn’t happen because reasons.

Schizo (Nic Sheff)

This was very “I am interested to continue this wtf-ery but I am also committed to my other reading comments // why did I read chapter one // better put this back onto the shelf // why did I suddenly buy this book on Book Outlet?

…such is life.



Have you read any of the above? Did you enjoy it? Give me a sales pitch!


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35 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #141 – Books I’ve Put On Hiatus”

  1. I am on hiatus from the Wheel of Time series. I started the 8th book at the end of last year and with all the over-describing of every single detail…I thought I’d just put it off until I’m in the mood. I still have 7 freakin books to go :-/ Good luck with the books on this list, I hope you are able to revisit some of them one day 🙂

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    1. The Wheel of Time series is crazy long! But I can imagine the woes of overly descriptive prose. Like I couldn’t imagine a whole page/chapter describing one thing and then time only moved [technically] 0.032 seconds. Yikes!

      There are definitely titles I want to revisit mainly because I need the satisfaction of knowing the true ending (re: Crooked Kingdom).

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      1. Yeah I don’t particularly care how stern a persons face is to the point where it takes 2 pages to describe haha. Yeah I haven’t read Crooked Kingdom yet but everyone has raved about it…so I really hope it’s good!!

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          1. It’s ok, I would read with a super stern face too haha. I hate people who feel the need to spoil books/movies/tv shows 😦


  2. I LOVE The Way of Kings. But, honestly, it’s probably going to take Sanderson a decade to write and I’ve already forgotten what happens in the first two books. You might be better off waiting for him to get farther along writing it anyway.

    I read Shiver and hated it and can’t bring myself to read anything else Stiefvater writes, even though people seem to think her other series are significantly better.

    And I was “meh” on The Star-Touched Queen. I liked it, didn’t love it, and won’t be reading about more of the series. It was nice but overhyped.

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    1. Yeah, but at least the silver lining is that Sanderson is a writing machine and I’m sure he’s plotted out his ending already. Which, when compared to GRRM, Sanderson has pushed out many books within the past few years even if Stormlight is 1k+ per book haha. At least it’s being broken down into 2 series x 5 books each. So….Three more until semi-relaxing finality!

      I appreciate that people enjoy Stiefvater but I just couldn’t get into TRC, and perhaps I only read Scorpio very superficially (and enjoyed it) to really give a thoughtful opinion.

      TSTQ was definitely overhyped; which is a shame…but it is what it is I guess!

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  3. I absolutely hated The Star-Touched Queen :/ I was so excited for it, especially because it’s based on Indian mythology and was really interested in seeing how my own country’s myths will be portrayed in the story. However, the the prose just really turned me off and it felt like the author was trying to hard to sound ‘lyrical’ and the characters really annoyed me too much too. And also, Crooked Kingdom? REALLY?

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    1. I was super hyped for Star-Touched as well; and was pleasantly let down over the course of trudging through Part 1 of the story. The writing just wasn’t for me, I can say that much. So I definitely agree with your comments per the prose.

      And yeah, I was definitely spoiled for Crooked Kingdom (it was the fate of a character. le sigh). I’ll definitely read it though, maybe when I’m more mellow and feign ignorance to the spoiler (but now that I think of it…the more I remember how much rage and disappointment I felt upon seeing it).

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    1. Ahhh. I -will- finish it. It’s not that it was terrible either. Definitely passable, and Clive helped. But so much other stuff that “fun group reads” definitely did not work at the time of reading (apparently). But everyone who I read it with has enjoyed it so at least there’s that silver lining!

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  4. Oh I’m sorry you were spoiled Six of Crows – I haven’t read the books yet and by some miracle did NOT get spoiled ahah. I get it that it’s not the same once you know what happens next, ughhhh :/


              1. LOL. So is my sister. It’s my excuse to never get one. Not a big fan of them, but they tend to be hilarious in books. If it helps, Walter finds himself a non-cat love interest.


  5. It’s so true. So many people RAVED about The Star Touched Queen, and then I looked on Goodreads and SO many people had so much anger towards it! I thought the writing was a bit long. But not bad. But the plot was quite convoluted and honestly what annoyed me the most is I had absolutely NO conception of what the world was and it was VITAL to the plot.

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