[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: July 2016

Retrospective is a monthly post to rewind all of the happenings, thoughts, and discussions here at thoughts and afterthoughts. 


A Rewind Of:
July 2016



just seeing The Last Star gives me anxiety. Fucking three years goodbyeeeee.

Think Aloud/Terrible Protagonist:

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Sad category is sad.

Memes (Top Ten Tuesday):

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Other Feels:

Television (Not a full list of what I watch):

(If you love to talk television, hit me up on Twitter and we can share feels together!)

Big Brother US18: After catching up…I really dig Paul and feel like he’s in a good position. Fucking FRIENDSHIP and MUFFINS.

Descendants of the Sun: Yes…I’ve basically all but dropped this show even though i have like 3-4 episodes left? It’s not the same now that they’re back from Urk and I absolutely don’t care anymore LOL.

Hotel Hell S3: I love Gordon.

Mr. Robot S2: Rami Malek is so legit omfg. This show remains extremely taut even when nothing happens (but especially when nothing happens).

Stranger Things S1: One night I was like lalalala what to watch??? then I came across this and 8 episodes later I am dead.

Scream S2: Everyone is slowly descending into major suckage. Am I the only one who thinks everyone’s annoying AF? Noah especially now. He was a good trope to have in the first season but I DON’T NEED YOUR INFODUMPS NOW MAN.

Suits S6: I love this firm. When they smoked pot and got high, omfg I lost it. “Do you know how to spell fiscal responsibility? I know how to spell ‘cheap'” lolololololololololoasjdsaiudanshjdas.

The Night Of: Has anyone watched this? I’m tempted to start it but might wait until it’s all over to binge it all. 


Inception: Re-watched this gem and it is still magnificent.


(Maroon bolded names link to the track for easy peasy listening)


Major Lazer – Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber and MØ)JB has been solid recently. And I’ll fight you for chirping on him.

Charlie Puth – We Don’t Talk Anymore (feat. Selena Gomez): This track is an oldie but this remix is fun.

Chainsmokers – Closer (feat. Halsey): You listen to it and tell me it’s not catchy (no, don’t. my feels will be hurt.)

Twoloud – My Remedy (Untold Festival Anthem): A jazzy dance track.

Shawn Mendes – Treat You Better: Not gonna lie…this is fire.

Martin Garrix – In The Name of Love (feat. Bebe Rexha): This has that Illenium vibe (which no one reading this book blog will actually understand LOL) but whateverrrrr I had to say it.


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20 thoughts on “[Retrospective] – A Rewind Of: July 2016”

  1. I want to strangle Paul every time I hear “friendship”. He ruined the word and I fucking HATE Paul. Unless he actually decides to get rid of Da’Vonne. Then MAAAAYBE I’ll like him…but probably not.


  2. COLD WATERR YESSS! I’ve always liked Justin Beiber’s songs but holy shit, has he made such an awesome comeback. All my friends’ snapchats were of Cold Water at Hard Summer and I’m here like I wish I could be there..


  3. Great Post! ahhhhh SUITS! it’s currently my only summer tv show for lack of energy to finally start Mr. Robot & Stranger Things smh. It’s what I look forward to every Wednesday night! My co-worker just recommended The Night of…this morning to me lol, will give it a shot. I keep hearing not so great reviews on The Last Star, I went with my book gut on this one & stayed away from the series as tempting as it was. Awesome music selection! There’s always August 😉


    1. I feel you. As much as I actually really enjoy Mr. Robot (and Rami’s pitch perfect acting and the extremely taut writing), I’m slacking through getting through weekly episodes (2 weeks behind now).


      While I’m kind of against this particular story line (re: “how to get Mike out of jail”) because part of it is so contrived, I love the firm dynamics when he’s not there (sans Rachel crying all day).

      Hard pass on Last Star imo.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Would you say that Mr. Robot is binge worthy? If so, I’ll save it til the fall…seems like a darker show to watch. I’m a bit over the “how to get Mike out of jail” bit, I’m actually a bit annoyed by him overall 😂😂😂 I enjoy Litt’s shenanigans the MOST! I agree it’s much better in the office w/out Mike.


        1. Waaaaait. Are you on season 1 or season 2 of Mr. Robot? The pilot for Mr. Robot was so solid (probably top 10 pilots I’ve seen??). But yes, if you’re on season 1, it’s definitely binge-able. It’s Rami Malek’s acting and voice-overs that carry the show so effortlessly.

          I think everyone just wants Litt to find love…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes I’m on season 1, I watched the first 2 episodes while working from home one day & it just wasn’t the right time for it. I was sucked in immediately but couldn’t give it 100% of my attention which that show needs. Loved what I saw though, picking it back up soon. This may be Litt’s season for it, well at least I’m hoping for it. I like Rachel when she’s not a mess, but Donna holds my heart ❤️! Lol


  4. I always enjoy the music you include in these wrap ups. The ones I’ve already heard, I love. The new ones I always end up adding to my Spotify playlists. Keep sharing them with us! 🙂
    And I looked up Illenium. I was listening to his stuff on SoundCloud. It’s really cool. After listening to the song you linked here and his stuff, I would agree.


      1. Haha! My slow conversion started in the late ’90s. 😉 I like it, I just don’t always listen to it. That’s why I love this post. I listen to a little bit of everything. I even saw Richard Vission live in the early 2000’s.


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