[Top Ten Tuesday] – #109 – Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

Initial Thoughts:

Let me just begin to chronicle some important books I remember reading since the beginning of time. Some of the dates may be a year or two off because I don’t exactly remember.

…this post might be just me admitting my ancient elder status.

I Spy Books

Time passed: 18 years ago.

It’s likely I’ve replaced I Spy with Sudoku puzzles but I still stand by the thought that some those pictures were hard to find the items described.

Rainbow Fish

Time passed: 18 years ago.

I do not remember this story at all except I was always entranced by the shiny scales. Psychedelic almost.

The Boxcar Children

Time passed: 16 years ago.

Did anyone actually enjoy writing book reports? If I’m being honest, I probably read only the first few chapters and bullshit the rest of it. As one does.

Chicken Soup For The Soul

Time passed: ~14 years ago

My brother was the only consistent reader in the famjam and he had quite a few of these books. I couldn’t tell you what any of them were about though.

Calvin & Hobbes

Time passed: ~14 years ago

Further to the above, he also owned a lot (almost every edition tier) of these comics; interest sparking due to C&H being featured in the comic section of the local newspaper.

The Outsiders

Time passed: 12 years ago

I mention this book a lot, and truly, it’s one of those first books I actually look past the academic aspect because I appreciated the overall packaging of the themes with the story.

Lord of the Flies

Time passed: 10 years ago.

My memory for this book has generally faded for this book other than the snide assmar comments. I do remember working on a group project for this though; else, I forget most of what happened.

Catcher in the Rye

Time passed: 9 years ago.

I disliked Holden then but I absolutely loathe him now.

The Handmaids Tale

Time passed: 8 years ago.

I’m sure I still remember all of the little symbolic things in this story but most of all is that fucking ending.

All the Shakespeare

Time passed: 8-11 years ago

Let’s be honest here: I would not have succeeded in reading Shakespeare on my own. And while Shakespeare might be the man, I don’t have much interest in delving back into any of it.


Almost all of my opinions on fiction change over time.


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42 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #109 – Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed”

  1. I just read The Handmaid’s Tale in Dec…I know, shame. I really loved it, though, and that was quite an ending.


  2. The Lord of the Flies is quite possibly one of the most confusing books I read in high school and I definitely don’t remember anything XD
    ~Riv @ Forever Obsession


  3. it’s been 4-5 years since I last read Lord of the Flies, and I still remember everything about it. Only because I studied it though, and I had to look for meaning in every sentence. It was definitely …something. Symbolic would be the right word. I remember less of the details/symbolism in The Handmaids Tale, but I can’t forget that ending.


      1. I recall watching all the adaptations and even going to watch it being performed. I won’t forget it that easily 🙂 I’m really sick of it now haha.


  4. I loved I Spy books, but sometimes I didn’t understand how they were for kids. They were so hard sometimes! I don’t think I ever read Rainbow Fish, but I know it by the shiny fish and I agree; I was always entranced by his sparkles. My younger sister used to love reading the Chicken Soup for the Soul books lol. I think I read a couple stories from one when I was a kid, but never actually read them all the way through. I remember reading The Outsides and Lord of the Flies for school. I liked them a lot when I read them, but right now I wouldn’t be able to tell you much about them. Totally forgot pretty much everything. I kind of want to reread Lord of the Flies though.


    1. I think Chicken Soup was one of those pick up randomly and read a few stories then put them back down — at least that’s what I did if I remember correctly.

      I kinda want to go back and [challenge?] myself with the I Spy books again. They’re fun, and I’m a simple person to keep entertained LOL.


  5. I can definitely see why you’d be entranced by the shiny scales in Rainbow Fish. Shiny things = automatic selling point haha.
    Glad to know I’m not the only one that’s not on the Shakespeare bandwagon. The only work I actually managed to get a good grasp on on my own was The Tempest and I wouldn’t exactly call that a masterpiece. Now I can appreciate adaptations of his work and the BBC’s The Hollow Crown has been my current TV addiction.


  6. Haha, I love how you included how much time had passed! I barely remember any of my childhood books – there are books on Goodreads I’ve rated as ‘read’ and yet have no recollection of whatsoever.

    BUT. I remember Chicken Soup for the Soul. They’re usually a colletion of really sad stories that are I think true? There would be like Chicken Soup for the Kids’ Soul or something like that.

    I also read The Outsiders academically but enjoyed it past that aspect — and like you, I have NO interest reading Shakespeare if not for school.


    1. I’m sure I only know bits and pieces of the books from way back — the important moments, probably. But yes! I think our home mainly had Chicken Soup for the Teen’s/Mother’s soul.

      I’d go as far to say that I lack the interest to even watch Shakepeare plays hahaha. Unless maybe if it was at the actual theater. That I could go for maybe once in my life.


  7. I had to read Lord of the Flies for my GCSE English class and I hated it!! With a large amount of passion! I still remember some of what happened, but I just wanted to shoot myself every time we opened that book. I still have my notes copy lying around somewhere – the hatred may come from the fact that we studied it for two years…


      1. The entire final exam was based on that book and poetry, so I had two English classes, one for poetry and one for that book. I didn’t like poetry any better!! 😂😂


  8. I love Shakespeare, actually in college I mostly studied his work haha. Though, I’m not a big fan of Romeo & Juliet even if the sonnet and verses from it are pretty.

    I love Rainbow Fish and when I have kids they will read it and hopefully love it too.

    Lord of the Flies totally traumatized me when I was forced to read it in school. My older sister loves The Outsiders though I haven’t read it which apparently is a disgrace.

    Thanks for sharing!
    ~Brittany @ Brittany’s Book Rambles.


  9. Oh my gosh, Chicken Soup!! I totally remember those! They were always sold at school book fairs. And haha, I always mention Lord of the Flies as one of my favorite classics… but really all I can remember is that Simon was a Christ figure.


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