[Top Ten Tuesday] – #107 – Non Bookish Sites I Waste My Life On

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


This Week’s Theme:
Non Bookish Sites I Waste My Life On

Initial Thoughts:

The truth is that I probably spend more time on these site than I do reading and/or blogging. Such is life.


I lurk Reddit (meaning: I don’t have an account) and the folders of bookmarked subreddits I follow.


I rarely (if at all) visit Buzzfeeds actual website. Instead, I opt for their /BuzzFeedVideo, /BuzzFeedBlue, /BuzzFeedYellow, /BuzzFeedViolet Youtube channels. I religiously check for new videos everyday.

Weather Network

You laugh but it’s necessary to know how cold it is in the morning versus how hot it’s going to turn out to be in the afternoon. Canadian weather can’t make its mind.

The Globe and Mail

One of my University professors encouraged students to get into the habit of reading at least one news article a day (topic doesn’t matter) and though I haven’t always stuck by it, it’s something I do often enough. I think you’d be surprised how many news-ish articles you read daily nested in social media.

The Onion

Alternatively, if I want a laugh via satire-based news, I’d hit up The Onion. They’re hilarious.

The Awkward Yeti

If you’ve never seen these heart-and-brain webcomics then you’ve been missing out.


It’s a search engine, sure, but I spend a lot of time Googling the most random shit. For example: if I’m eating a burger with avocado in it, and I have nothing better to do, I’ll google “health benefits of avocados”. #typicalshenanigans


I seek to make dreams happen. My credit card disagrees but you know how it is.

Bonus: Eurovision 2016

Anyone else follow Eurovision Song Contest? My top 3 to win, in no particular order, are: (links redirect to Youtube). Also, Patrick Ness has the best live tweets to the songs.

Australia (I kinda want Aussie to win as it’s only their second year at ESC. They gotta get rid of the podium Dami sits on because it limits her singing imo);
Russia (really anthemic and something that would typically win, although the performance visuals is so blown up it’s crazy);
France (It’s the vocal work I appreciate the most with this despite not typically not enjoying non-English songs at ESC)

Honorable Mentions:

Sweden (I’m putting the host country in here even though I don’t really think they’ll rank well. Simple can be good but of the rehearsal performances I’ve seen, it’s no Euphoria or Heroes for me — both of which won)
– Bulgaria (my dark horse choice even though the staging is kinda derpy)
Israel (I don’t think this ballad will get the recognition it deserves. It’s funny because I’m sure if a country like Sweden performed this song, they’d rank higher. Just my thoughts.)


Go forth and waste your life as well.


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16 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #107 – Non Bookish Sites I Waste My Life On”

      1. Umbrellas? What are those? Yeah, only non-Seattleites use those around here. We’re all about hoods and getting everything a little wet. But I do check to see if it will or rain, or more recently be nice. We’re getting some crazy warm weather here. It’s like summer.


  1. YOU KNOW ABOUT EUROVISION!!? I thought no one outside of Europe and Australia knew about it. I don’t follow the semi’s but its kind of tradition for us to have a Eurovision night for the finals( sad, I know haha). It’s kind of a bizzare year this time cause I know one of the guys in the duo representing the UK. Go team!! 😛


    1. WHO ARE YOUR FAVOURITES TO WIN ESC? Of course I know it — all I mostly listen to is EDM anyways and this is like paradise???

      I was half following semis today by proxy of following Patrick Ness’ Twitter feed — I’m so excited for his commentary during finals oh god.

      Do you “KNOW” know them? Like a personal level? Because then you’re famous, ish? Their song is alright.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t listened to any of this years entries. As a rule, I avoid the semi’s and just watch the final so I can base my reaction on that one performance haha. Who’s got your vote? If they’re good I might vote for them on your behalf. 😛
        Patrick Ness’ Eurovision commentary is pure gold.
        Basically Joe, the Welsh one was a year below me in school and we spoke quite often. He’s a nice lad but I’d say we’re more acquaintance than friends. We have no chance of winning but hopefully we’ll get a few points.


  2. I’m with you with the Weather Network! Canada needs to stop with the 4 degrees in the morning and 17 degrees in the afternoon!


  3. I only found out yesterday that Eurovision is this week!! So behind! 😂😂 buzz feed is something I like to follow on Facebook 🙂 I also end up googling random things – but that is the way you learn 🙂


  4. I’m actually not following Eurovision sadly! I don’t watch live TV and only sit on the shows I like on Netflix. I sometimes go on reddit as well, but only if I want commentary on the latest TWD episode, or something.


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