[Top Ten Tuesday] – #99 – Spring 2016 TBR

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This Week’s Theme:
Spring 2016 TBR

Initial Thoughts:

The thing with this particular TBR is that it’s as of today (March 15, 2016).

Tomorrow, I’ll be attending a Summer Teen Preview shindig at Indigo (a Canadian book retailer) and I’m lowkey hoping for something exciting to catch my eye (re upcoming book ARCs). So this list is pretty much at the mercy of that dude named Moody.

Will Probably Read


vicious - v.e. schwab - book coverthe-crowns-game-evelyn-skye-book-coverthe-last-star-rick-yancey-book-cover

The Last Boy and Girl in the World (Siobhan Vivian)

I requested this book because [I thought] the cover was kinda neat. It was probably the argyle-looking patterns that got to me. And the world drowning.

The False Prince (Jennifer Nielsen)

MG Fantasy has never failed me before and so I don’t expect any less of this one. This is the first book to the Ascendance trilogy and so it could totes qualify

Daughters of Ruin (K.D. Castner)

Won from a Goodreads giveaway. When I skimmed the book, it was multi-POV — and you know how I covet multiple narrators…

Vicious (Victoria Schwab)

I think my coat feels and bromance feels and London feels have subsided for now (well, maybe). On to this beauty!

The Crown’s Game (Evelyn Skye)

This is one of those “I think I will…but can probably wait” choices…unless it comes out at 40% bestsellers price then lolgoodbyecash.

The Last Star (Rick Yancey)

Two months left.

Would Like To Read

ocdaniel - wesley king - book coveri-hunt-killers-barry-lyga-book-coverhalf-the-world-joe-abercrombie-book-cover

OCDaniel (Wesley King)

A friend of mine went to the Ontario Library Association conference (think of a Canadian version of ALA) and picked up a signed ARC of this book for me! It’s one of those “at the time I heard about it, I really wanted to read it” but since then my interest has dipped.

I Hunt Killers (Barry Lyga), Red Rising (Pierce Brown), The Program (Suzanne Young), Winner’s Trilogy (Marie Rutkoski)

Since my immediate review pile isn’t that massive or urgent, I can [finally] start a full series binge of some sort.

Half The World (Joe Abercrombie)

I honestly just want to immerse myself in the Shattered Sea world again and roll around in Abercrombies prose.

Should Probably Read

Brandon Sanderson - The Way of Kings (cover)the-crane-wife-patrick-ness-book-cover

Way Of Kings (Brandon Sanderson)

I say this all too often BUT the silver lining is that I know Aentee at Read At Midnight is currently [slowly] reading this one too. I think. I basically need someone to keep me on track. MAYBE 100 pgs/month for 10 montes is a good steady rate of reading this LOL.

The Crane Wife (Patrick Ness)

My journey to read all of Ness’ fiction includes this and Hennington–the latter which I’ve yet to own. While Ness can do no wrong in my eyes, it’s a fairy tale retelling (ish) and those just go over my head.


By the time this post is live, this TBR list will have already changed.

I regret nothing.


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19 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #99 – Spring 2016 TBR”

  1. You will never get over the coat haha. Vicious is epic though. The cat and mouse chase is so suspenseful.
    I really should start picking up more of Brandon Sanderson’s books cause I loved the Mistborn trilogy but I just don’t know where to start haha,
    I also think that I need to start jumping on the Joe Abercrombie bandwagon. 🙂


  2. The Crown’s Game for me is one of those “I needed it yesterday and the fact that I don’t have it is making me feel stabby”. But I’m a massive fantasy nerd, dual pov addict and dig absurd romances with twisty sounding plots. So yeah… lol ^.^ That’s where I’m at on TCG.

    Oh, and before I go, some sage wisdom….Stop everything and just read Red Rising. >.<


  3. AH THE LAST STAR. I NEED ANSWERS in that one, like, really, really, really need them. And hm, I don’t know how people make TBR, I made one for today, too, but I just change my TBR every two days and change what I want to read depending on my mood, what I find, and how I feel at the moment, so…


  4. There are always more books to read than time to read them in! I’m interested in the Sanderson books, too–but I have them on my secondary list, my primary one being made up of stand alones and series I’ve already started. So they’ll have to wait…
    My TTT


  5. “By the time this post is live, this TBR list will have already changed.” such true words! I’ve been wanting to read V.E. Schwab for a while myself! I really did enjoy the Ascendance trilogy – great if you like lots of action and an unreliable narrator.


  6. I’ve heard good things about The False Prince but haven’t gotten myself to try it yet, I hope you do a review. AND YOU NEED TO READ VICIOUS! It was the first book by her I ever read and her first published novel and it made me fall in love with her writing and story telling. It’s so good!


  7. I have to read the Siobhan Vivian book for review too! I’m about 10% through so it’s too soon to form an opinion. I want to read Crown’s Game so bad. I haven’t watched the book trailer yet but the hype captured me.


  8. I absolutely loved Vicious. Much more than I liked ADSOM. The friendship and the dog and the kid and everything was just brilliantly done. Did you end up reading it? My Spring TBR post was woefully mixed to the point that I’m not even sure I should have posted it.


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