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Totally Should’ve Book Tag

Thanks to Thomas at Intro to Blurb for tagging me — he’s a newer-ish male book blogger to the book community. oh shit.

Totally Should’ve Gotten A Sequel

Quiet YA/MG in David Lomax’s Backward Glass — where kids travel forward and backward in time stepping into mirrors. It’s pretty nerdy when you can see the technology downgrade into shit in earlier years to the extent of like 10 years ago, you see retro gaming for the first time etc.

Totally Should’ve Had A Spin-Off Series

“Bloodfall” featured in The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner. You won’t understand this choice unless you’ve read (and cried) while reading this contemporary book by Zentz.

(See my rave review for this book here.)

Totally Should’ve Ended Differently

Ruin and Rising by Leigh BardugoSigh. If you’ve read this, I’ll speak to you in the comments LOL.

Totally Should’ve Had A Film Franchise

I don’t really think this would play out well on film but I’m interested to see how they’d adapt the constant “noise” in Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking Trilogy.

Totally Should’ve Had A T.V. Show

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo features a diversely skilled team that’s akin to a show that I stopped watching but did appreciate the nerdy merits of intelligence: Scorpion. I think it’d see success to have them steal shit for other people on a weekly basis with stewing character development arcs therein. And slow burn romances. Have I sold you on it?

(Maybe you ought to read my review of Six of Crows here.)

Totally Should’ve Had One Point of View

I love most multi-POV stories soooooo. If there’s one I wish I didn’t read, it would be Four’s inclusion in Veronica Roth’s AllegiantI laughed at his whining. Did I read his book? No lol.

Totally Should’ve Had A Cover Change

This might be an unpopular opinion but can I just say that while I get why people enjoy the dresses on Rutkoski’s Winner’s Trilogy, I actually don’t appreciate the suddenly topographical change from book 2 onward? It’s the change from being written vertically versus horizontally that’s like….whhhhyyyy?

the winners curse - marie rutkoski - book coverMarie Rutkoski Winners Crime Winners Trilogy Book Cover

Totally Should’ve Stopped Reading

This Is Where It Ends by Marike Nijkamp. I didn’t particularly enjoy the vilification of the “antagonist/school shooter” without even giving him a POV voice to actually sell the story. Plus everything that happened had this cinematic tone to it that just didn’t work for me. You can read my rage review here.

Totally Should’ve Kept The Covers

Re above with Winner’s Trilogy PB edition, I guess? (Do know that I speak of all this Winner’s nonsense despite not having read the books LOL.)

Totally Shouldn’t Have Pre-Judged

The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood is one of those academic study books you read and think “bleh, reading books for school is garbage” — or maybe I’m just projecting my thoughts onto you. Either way, the actual story (and ending) was like a big “…huh?!” in the best way possible.

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This tag also opens up the Totally Shouldn’t Of…Have? Ugh, English.


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20 thoughts on “[Awards/Tags] — Totally Should’ve Book Tag”

  1. Hahaha I did the tag just yesterday, but thank you for including me in your people-getting-tagged-list!
    I had the same answer for the POV question, but other than that I am shocked to say that I haven’t read any of the other books :O what have I done with my life?


  2. Oh my gosh, you mentioned The Winner’s Curse! Do you actually plan to read those? Right now I’m suffering from really bad character withdrawals because of where book 2 ends… Like I need the third book right this instant. But I agree, the font formatting is weird. The inside cover art (you know that page before the story begins…) for book 2 (and I think 3) actually have it vertical even though the cover doesn’t.


  3. I love this post! I totally agree with Allegiant, I hated Tobias’s perspective ( I actually didn’t like any of the book at all tbh) but his perspective defiantly made it worse for me.


  4. Hehe, love this response to the tag – completely agree about Allegiant (I’m pretty sure everyone has formed a general consensus on this, sorry Roth!).

    Looks as if we’ve somewhat exchanged tags, as I’ve just posted my This Or That tag from your kind self!


  5. Thank you for the tag! Also I had a moment of anguished “WHY” when I realized you hadn’t read The Winner’s Curse. It is art. It is like Game of Thrones politics without the boobs. It is beautiful, and I’m also very much in love with that series (in case it wasn’t clear).


  6. Thanks for the tag! And omg talk to me about Ruin & Rising haha, that was totally not how I expected the series to end, sigh the Darkling ❤ How did you want it to end?? Definitely agree with you about the covers for the Winner's Trilogy. I haven't read them yet either but why mess with a good thing, the first cover was beautiful!


  7. Totally agree about Allegiant! I might complete this tag because it looks like fun! If you ever need more people to tag I’d be happy to complete some!


  8. Have read none of these books except The Winner’s Curse and Ruin and Rising which, by the way, should have ended way differently. Maybe with a bit less Mal and a lot more Darkling. Thank you ever so for the tag 🙂


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