[Top Ten Tuesday] – #87 – Hey Santa, Where’s This Book At?

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Hey Santa, Where’s This Book At?

Initial Thoughts:

There were many variations to this theme title. Really. I settled on this because it was the least angry sounding but any of theses books would be awesome gifts or stocking stuffers.

Subheadings and images link to their respective Goodreads.

The Last Star – Rick Yancey

the-last-star-rick-yancey-book-coverThe 5th Wave: Passable (if not for creepy Evan Walker).

The Infinite Sea: what the fuck is this filler-and-tomfoolery-nonsense?


Such anger, much rage.

Calamity – Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson - Calamity - Book CoverUrban fantasy has risen the ranks of being my favourite subgenre within the SF-F umbrella. With how Firefight ended, Calamity is going to be such a thrill of a read (or I’m just extremely biased because Sandy can do no wrong…ever.) MY HOPE IS THAT INDIGO SELLS IT THE BESTSELLERS RATE AND MARKS IT DOWN 40% OFF LOL.

Passenger – Alexandra Bracken

Alexandra Bracken - Passenger - Book CoverCover lust will always win. Always.

I actually didn’t fully read the blurb for this book until recently LOL. I always just stared at the cover and thought “yes, sure, absolutely.” Then again, I do class the cover among others like A Thousand Pieces of You; which regrettable I still haven’t read…

truthwitch-susan-dennard-book-coverTruthwitch – Susan Dennard

Okay…to be fair, I’m currently reading an ARC of this book and even though I’m 1/4 of the way through, I’m diggin’ it because so much of is reminiscent to starting Avatar: The Last Airbender for the first time. Yeah, I went there. The hype, so far, has not failed me for this book. I mean, I can even overlook the potential love polygon that I think may happen…

The False Prince – Jennifer Nielsenthe-false-prince-jennifer-nielsen-book-cover

If you didn’t already know: I rarely watch booktube. But once upon a time, Joey discovered a Canadian booktuber couple who go by Ermahgerdberks and I watched a few videos and this was one of the books they both enjoyed and recommended. Up until this point, I had no idea this book existed. Then I read the synopsis and yup, I needs it. Plus. middle grade has generally never failed me and the trilogy is done.

A Gathering of Shadows FinalA Gathering of Shadows – V.E. Schwab

If you were to ask me two months ago that I’d be excited for this sequel, you’d probably get a: “lol wuut is this book even about??!” But now I just want to see Kell’s coat doing coat things. I know you do too. 

I’ll probably have to wait for it to be on sale at Book Outlet again because these titles seem to cost so much :(!

half-a-war-joe-abercrombie-book-coverHalf a War – Joe Abercrombie

I recently [finally] bought a hardcover of Half the World (haven’t read though) and just need book 3 in HC to round out my collection (and therefore I can binge the rest). If you haven’t read this book, the protagonist of the first book is basically young Tyrion Lannister minus the dwarfism.

the-crash-of-hennington-patrick-ness-book-coverThe Crash of Hennington – Patrick Ness

A book before The Rest of Us Just Live Here, More Than This, Crane Wife, A Monster Calls, and Chaos Walking? Truthfully, 99% of me wants this book for the value of having everything Ness has written. But rhinos…

Day Boy – Trent Jamieson

You probably have never heard of this book before. And that’s alright, because I’m here to pitch this 2015 title to you despite it being an AusLit title that’s actually very expensive and I’ve only seen ebooks of (which is still surprisingly expensive).

Mark is a Day Boy.

day-boy-trent-jamieson-book-coverIn a post-traumatic future the Masters—formerly human, now practically immortal—rule a world that bends to their will and a human population upon which they feed. Invincible by night, all but helpless by day, each relies on his Day Boy to serve and protect him.

Mark has been lucky in his Master: Dain has treated him well. But as he grows to manhood and his time as a Day Boy draws to a close, there are choices to be made.

Will Mark undergo the Change and become, himself, a Master—or throw in his lot with his fellow humans? As the tensions in his conflicted world reach crisis point, Mark’s decision may be crucial.

Want. TBH, I only found this author through a Patrick Ness RT where people were saying Jamieson = the Aussie Ness (although Ness himself says Jamieson = Jamieson, so there’s that.)

And lastly, either a Kobo, Kindle, or Tablet

I’m probably going to end up getting a tablet for sake of functional versatility but I’d love to hear your sales pitch for Kobo versus Kindle (because if I get a Kobo or Kindle, it just means I can get a new laptop instead). But my wallet cries, so.


But since pops told me Santa ain’t real…well damn :/


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17 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #87 – Hey Santa, Where’s This Book At?”

  1. I’m really looking forward to Calamity, too.

    I’ve never used a Kobo, so I can’t speak to that, but on a Kindle versus a tablet, I can. It really depends on what you’ll be doing most. If you want to read, mostly, you want an e-reader. A tablet will suffer from glare in sunlight, is harder on the eyes the rest of the time, and won’t have nearly as much battery life. But if you want videos, internet, or color pictures from graphic novels, etc., a tablet is the way to go.


  2. Ooh, so many cool book cover. I agree that a tablet will save you from carrying a million devices. I used a Kobo for a few years and it was okay, but I got a small ipad and now that’s my ereader.


  3. I’ve yet to read the second book in The 5th Wave series because I’m afraid of the disappointment I’m told to expect. The hype for Truthwitch is insane and I seriously hope the book meets my expectations and out of all the time travel based books set to come out next year, Passenger is the one I’m keeping a close eye on/
    I’d like to know how many layers there is to Kell’s coat. Better yet just give me the coat. 😉


  4. ” what the fuck is this filler-and-tomfoolery-nonsense?” YES. Exactly my feels. I just finished reading The Infinite Sea, and I’m completely confused about this book and the characters and the purpose of the whole book. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I’m kind of losing interest, here. And I need some REAL answers, too, here!
    As for the e-reader, I recently bought a Kobo, and for now it’s pretty good. I read about four books on it, and I didn’t need to charge it, yet, that’s really, REALLY a great point. I love the light that keeps me from killing my poor eyes, and it’s little and very practical. I got mine – it’s an Aura, I think, pretty basic one – for around 70 euros (it’s about 107 canadian dollars, that’s your money, right? I hope I’m not mistaken, or I’ll be mad at myself forever, haha)


  5. I need The Last Star, Passenger, and Truthwitch! ASAP!

    I love Kindle, especially with always finding amazing e-book deals! I also love that I can download the Kindle app and read on my iPhone, my iPad, and even on my computer with their webpage version or Windows 10 app on my computer. So all my books can come with me everywhere even if I don’t bring my Kindle along. They also have the Kindle app for Android users of course! You can pretty much get the app everywhere, so even if you were to get a tablet instead of a Kindle, you can still read/buy Kindle books!


    1. OHHH! And it also syncs them with all the apps and devices you use. So if you start it on your Kindle, but read on your phone later then it’ll automatically take you to the last place you read!


  6. Sounds like you’re getting a little greedy with Santa. Better watch out or he’ll punish you by bringing books you DON’T want to read! 😉
    I have never used a Kobo, but I love my Kindle. I would prefer it to reading on a tablet. A tablet’s more like reading on a computer or smartphone and an e-reader is more like reading an actual book. My eyes get less tired on my Kindle and my hands hurt less when reading for an extended period of time than using a regular book. Mine has a backlight and I can read it in the dark! I also like the discounted and free books that are available. You’ll have to sign up for Bookbub if you get one. They send email deals. I’ve gotten a lot of cheaper books that way.


  7. Schwab books are pretty pricey. ): You should have requested an ARC, Joey! You probably would have been approved.

    And I’ve noticed that your commenting game has been strong lately. Does that mean this comment will be replied to within the year? 😀


  8. I also wanted to read Passenger because of the cover and didn’t really pay much attention to the synopsis. I’m maybe a third of the way through it right now and I honestly don’t know if I’ll read any further. I’m just not into it and I only like one character in the book so far.


  9. Evan Walker is so creepy I couldn’t even bring myself to read The Infinite Sea. My plan is to find spoiler of The Last Star, then I’ll decide whether I should finish the series or not (probs no lol).

    I read on my phablet, but before that iPad. It was perfectly functional as an e-reader, but I never own an actual e-reader so I cannot compare them.


  10. I’d like to see how Brandon Sanderson would react to you calling him Sandy LOL
    I’m so ready for Calamity, it’s not even funny and I think you’d really like The False Prince! I thought it was a solid middle grade fantasy with a really sassy main character.


  11. Oh yes, I need to get my paws on A Gathering of Shadows promptly. Will my shippy dreams be realised or will they be dashed? Will I fall in ove with Lila even more??
    I just realised I still have not read Firefight lol… *hangs head in shame*


  12. AHH. Such fabulous choices Joey! I completely agree about The Last Star – I was a bit meh about The Fifth Wave too, but The Infinite Sea just left me with so many questions! And Passenger sounds absolutely amazing too! Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices!


  13. Personally, I love my Kindle. I love it so much. It’s also so lovely because you can sync all your books from your Kindle to your phone through the app! Maybe Kobo had that too, but, whatever. Kindle is great. 👍🏼


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