[Blogiversary] – When WordPress Tells You You’re Old


How do you begin one of these?

It’s fitting that my blogiversary lands on the week of American Thanksgiving. In hindsight, I should have synced it with the Canadian counterpart, but I guess you can’t really control when you kick start your blog, huh?

My first blogging year was a phase aptly named “Trial and Error”, a time to discover the content I wanted to share. This past year focused on “Building Bridges” and though I haven’t gone to the extremes of any American book event (e.g. BEA), I was better at commenting on posts, joining in on Twitter chats, and finding myself involved in the community–on and off screen. I’m not even close to where I want to be but it’s a start.

So thanks.

…for another year of your digitalized love and support in following the nonsense that spawns in my head.

…for continually making this guy feel connected to a medium of leisure that seldom existed [in his life] a decade ago.

…and for just being you.

But now we begin Phase 3; another year of fooling readers into thinking I know what the fuck I’m talking about.

It is complete bananas.

And so–


Jokes on you, I’m totally winging this blog shenanigans.


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48 thoughts on “[Blogiversary] – When WordPress Tells You You’re Old”

  1. YAYAYAY! 🎉🎉🎉 (I hope this confetti appears normal on WP.) Congratulations, Joey!! Happy blogiversary! 😀

    By the way, this isn’t really important but I just realized I was spelling blog anniversary wrong all along. I thought it was with an ‘o’ this whole time. OTL


  2. Happy Blogiversary!! I say you should go for dim sum or cake…or both because why the hell not?! 😀

    xP I’m totally in that “trail and error” phase of blogging. Tried to keep to a schedule and have failed at it! But then again…this whole social media thing has been trial and error =P


  3. Happy 3rd Blogiversary!!!!

    I’ve been blogging for a few months…and totally winging it 😉 Cheers to many more years of writing to you! 😀 Once again CONGRATS on your 3rd year 😛


  4. Happy blogoversary, Joey!!! 😀

    I started book blogging on Philippine Independence Day. Haha. I think most of us can peg the births of our blogs to some other significant day, so that’s fun. But in your case, your thankfulness surely is that much more legit 😉

    Cheers to the third year!


  5. hahaha. You’re doing a great job at fooling everyone, because your blog is awesome. Keep up the good work, Joey. And happy blogiversary!


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