[Top Ten Tuesday] – #84 – Thanksgiving For The Underappreciated

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Thanksgiving For The Underappreciated

Initial Thoughts:

American Thanksgiving marks the beginning to another year of blogging (my blogiversary is around this time-ish). While it’d be lovely to give thanks to every single person, I’mma just take this time to give a shout-out to characters who rarely get thanked.

I’m mainly looking at content I’ve read/seen in 2015.

From The Texts:

Thanks to the friends who kept the boy with the lightning bolt scar alive through 7 years of schooling. (God knows it wasn’t his competency.)

Thanks to the sponsor who gifted Katniss the salve in The Hunger Games.

Thanks to the pets—anthropomorphic or otherwise—who have stayed by their companion’s side as their owners fist bumped with death for the lulz.

Thanks to Benedict Blackthorn who took in orphaned Christopher Rowe in The Blackthorn Key and taught the kid how to build explosions.

Thanks to Uriah (Divergent), Inej (Six of Crows), Nikolai (Grisha), Tomasz (More Than This), and Barron (the bar/innkeeper in ADSOM) for all the little things they’ve done.

Thanks to the ever-changing environments and landscapes in sci-fi/fantasy worlds for feeling like its own character.

Thanks to any ship for being a ship. Please sail away; otherwise, you’re dead to me if you sink. Just kidding (but not really).

…and thanks to the protagonists who always seem to fuck things up for everyone else or thrive off of miscommunication thereby giving us more plot-and-conflict-I-never-knew-I-needed. Actually, wait…


From The Screen:

Thanks to Annalise Keating for being a trooper (despite reasons) and sticking by the Keating 5 in How To Get Away With Murder.

Thanks to Monty and Raven who have helped the kids in The 100 countless times and hardly gets a pat on the back.

Thanks to Penelope (Criminal Minds), Felicity (Arrow), Oliver (HTGAWM), Cisco (Flash), Aram (The Blacklist), and Cosima (Orphan Black) for their techie ways that we just feign ignorance to question how they really know what they know.

Thanks to Helena (Orphan Black) for being hungry and therefore inadvertently making me hungry. Actually, fuck it—thanks to Tatiana Maslany.

Thanks to Leopold Fitz (Agents of SHIELD) who is continuously handed the shit end of the proverbial stick for being that rock for Gemma. (MY POOR FITZ, GOD DAMNIT COSMOS.)

Thanks to Ravi for just being himself in iZombie.

Thanks to Raymond Reddington of The Blacklist for maiming people while being gratuitously happy about living life.

Thanks to Bonnie for witchy woo-wooing everything back to normal every damn time shit happens in The Vampire Diaries.

Thanks to everyone at Pearson Specter Litt. But mainly Donna. (Suits)

Thanks to Sun Bak for being one of the only useful ones in her Sense8 cluster.

…That’s all I got.


Which character(s) do you think deserve some love and should be thanked?



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16 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #84 – Thanksgiving For The Underappreciated”

  1. “God knows it wasn’t his competency.” I’ve never read a sentence that describes Harry so aptly. Well played, Joey.

    And yaas. Bonnie Bennett – the only character that knows what she’s doing on the Vampire Diaries. xD


  2. How is it possible that we watch ALL THE SAME SHOWS!?!?! I am so glad you thanked those charcters (from the screen as much as the bookish ones, even though I haven’t read them all.)


  3. I thought there was no such thing as a ship sinking… what happened to the submarine?! Thanks for the 30 millionth reminder to catch up on Suits. And for spoiling the fact that Litt is now a name partner…. though I suppose that’s my own fault for not catching up.


  4. It seems like all I do these days is fangirl about Six of Crows. Inej is my soul sister and my shipping heart is praying that her reunion with Kaz is all emotional and lovely.
    Felicity is without a doubt my favourite character on Arrow. I think the techies are perfect examples of people not needing masks to be superheroes. I really feel like I need to start watching Agents of SHIELD.


  5. The Blacklist is one my favorite shows. I haven’t caught up in the current season though. I don’t have cable and it’s not available on Hulu Plus yet! But as soon as it is, this girl is binge watching it. 😉 Love your list this week!


  6. LOL I just realized what an ingrate Katniss is bc of this. No mention again about the salve sponsor, right? That was a smart entry for this!

    Omgomgomg ANNALISE IS DEFF A TROOPER …and a big hoarder of dirty secrets and horrible lies. 1 month til we confirm if Cristophe is indeed just a red herring! And Olliver, gah I hope Shonda Rhimes won’t kill him off.


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