[Top Ten Tuesday] – #78 – Book Blogger Habits That Are Embraced Despite Reasons

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Book Blogger Habits That Are
Embraced Despite Reasons

Initial Thoughts:

These are some habits of mine that reflect my reading and blogging experience but aren’t necessarily toxic enough to have them actively remedied. It is, in actuality, a bunch of nonsense that you may or may not relate to.

Plus, quitting is a strong word. All I want right now is a poutine. Onward to nonsensical rants, yeah?

The False Hope of Book Before Film

Why do I continue telling myself that I will read the book before the film and it never happens? Ever. I mean I’m totally fine with watching the film before reading the book but I still continue this charade of willful reading LOL.

The Immateriality of Blogging Ideas

You know the feels when you strike a wonderful idea but you sit on it forever—so long that it doesn’t actually get written? Then more ideas spawn and past ideas just don’t sound as cool as these new ones. So irrespective of you wanting to complete those old topics, there’s just so much other blogging business you attend to first that “later” really becomes “almost never”. HELLO, WELCOME TO MY BLOGGING LIFE. HOW ARE YOU?

When Discounts Are the Bane of Your Existence

Yeah, it’s pretty self-explanatory. I don’t need it…but there’s nothing wrong with getting it because it’s so cheap it doesn’t even put a dent in my wallet ha..haha…hahahaha – SAID THE BILL BEFORE IT ARRIVES AND INCLUDES AN AGGREGATE OF ALL EXPENDITURES.

The Itch of Eavesdropping

Now it’s not that I can’t read on commute (I can) it’s that sometimes I find myself continuing to read while someone’s conversation butts into the narrative. So here we have a story—perhaps with action and death or some shit—and around me is someone’s conversation weaving in one ear and mingling with the dialogue in what I’m reading. Then I find myself focusing on both the book and their story LOL and the worst part is I continue flipping pages. I’m a mess.

Book Induced Coma

Let me first tell you that I love sleep, naps, comas, and everything that comes with the rejuvenative power of rest. But many times when I’m primed to kick back and read, it’s when the day is donezo’d and I’m a few paragraphs off of peacing out. What does this amount to? I get no real reading done during a time when I actually do want to read. It’s a win and a loss, I guess, but what I am sure of is reading all night is a myth for me.

Checking Stats

It’s not about keeping tabs on your numbers as it relates to someone else’s…it’s that you can harness the information and learn from the content you’re pushing out. And so I do check that stats page daily. Understand that I’m not saying you should curate content for somebody based but rather taking the information it provides (i.e. search engine hits) and incorporating that to the blogging you do every day.

Leaving Comments But Not Replying

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed (but if you haven’t just pretend you didn’t read this :D!) but the past few weeks has seen lower productivity [for me] when commenting. A lot of this, I think, is attributed to following 600+ blogs and it’s like…you want to give love to everyone but it’s difficult when there are 1873217 new posts every day.

In terms of replying back to comments…well, shit, I’m been really terrible at this lately. My logic is usually to reply the following day. But when that doesn’t happen, it adds up. (I’m backlogged with replying back to comments you’ve all kindly left a month+ ago…maaaaaaaaan.)

Reading Without Reason

Perhaps the subheading is incorrectly worded but what I’m getting at is knowing you have a book started but not actively wanting to read it because of other [equally important] entertainment distractions. It’s like deep down I know I should just finish those last 100 pages but like…television/gaming/tomfoolery tho?! There is no such thing as balance.

Willy Nilly Care For Books

This applies for traveling with books than storage. What I mean by my carelessness is that I typically place the book wherever in my bag and it basically self-destructs as it moves around all my other shit. The saving grace is that most of what I read is hardback but that doesn’t mean it’s indestructible to wear-and-tear.

The Book Whose Nickname Is Textbook

I [probably] have the attention span of a goldfish.

More importantly: I love instant gratification. (I hope that doesn’t make me shallow?) But see here: I’ve wanted to read behemoth titles for months (I’ve started Sanderson’s Way Of Kings…but it’s fucking 2k pages to catch up). Then some other 250 page title strolls along and it’s like “oh, look at me—I’m tiny and enticing and might be enjoyable!” and boom, I put temporary hold on longer reads.



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23 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #78 – Book Blogger Habits That Are Embraced Despite Reasons”

  1. Don’t even talk to me about book discounts. Australia doesn’t know what those are. And hah, I totally agree with your eavesdropping thing. Just this morning, I was reading Library of Souls but the lady sitting in front of me on the train was like *bitch bitch bitch rant rant rant*. HELLO? THESE CHARACTERS ARE GOING THROUGH A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION?!


    Liked by 3 people

    1. I fall victim to the eavesdropping when I’m at home and my husband is on the phone because he’ll say something ridiculous and I’m like, “no way he just said that, I must be mixing things” and then I have to go back a page to make sure.

      Also, confession, I don’t know if this happens to anyone else or I’m just a really horrible person, but sometimes, when I’m reading at home my husband will start talking out of nowhere and I’m like, dude we’ve been sitting next to each other in absolute silence for the better part of an hour, and now, when it’s literally life or death for these characters, you choose now to speak to me!?!?!

      I’m that meme, that one that says, “Don’t interrupt me, I’m reading”


  2. ‘Why do I continue telling myself that I will read the book before the film and it never happens?’ I can completely relate! I do the exact same thing!! =[

    You follow 600+ blogs?! WOW! o_O


  3. The eavesdropping though. I absolutely cannot focus on what I’m reading if there are people talking anywhere near me. I don’t know why my brain chooses strangers’ conversations over reading, but It. Always. Does. And then I realize I’m not really sure what happened on the last five pages. I’m glad I’m not the only one with that problem!


  4. Damn, I think the eavesdropping one happens to me all the time when I’m reading outside, well, someplace when I can’t just BE ALONE WITH MY BOOK. It’s so tempting to listen, and then you get lost in a stupid damn dumb conversation, and you’re forced to like, come back a few pages because you missed everything of the story. I hate this, I should wear earplugs or something, haha! 🙂


  5. Lol at the itch of eavesdropping.. always happens but I end up putting the book down because I’m always asked “so what do you think?” to whatever they’re talking about.

    The book to film adaptation is also so relatable… I always try to read the book first then the movies but I’ve recently just given it up to fate and see what happens first

    Here’s my list that’s full of supernatural gifs … 10 Reasons why I’ve stopped lending out books


  6. That last one is me all the way. I have been reading one book forever because it’s so loooong, but I like it, but other books are all ‘hey, I’m shorter, pick me up!’ And then I cave, and now I’m reading THREE BOOKS AT ONCE. Serious ADD, man.


  7. Haha, I’ve been so guilty of commenting but not replying lately… But I don’t think anyone’s noticed that much in my case, or maybe they have when I reply like a month later. XD

    I used to check my stats everyday, but now I tend to logout of my social media accounts. And there’s not much temptation since I don’t like using autofill (hence why I kept getting my password wrong when I was trying to pay on BookOutlet with my Paypal account the other day).

    Anyway, awesome post, Joey! Really relatable! 😀


  8. Dude, the struggles. I’m such a sucker for Book Depository discounts because, who doesn’t want a book that’s 10, 20, 30% off or more?!
    I have a problem reading in my own home because my parent’s conversations bleed into my reading. Even worse when I’m reading and they SEE THAT I’M READING and they talk to me as if I give a damn about whatever they are saying: I mean come on I’m reading 😭
    But these habits of yours are ones I can relate to indeed!


  9. I actually found myself laughing as I was reading this. Good list 👍 I can totally relate with the last one…those enticing Lil quick reads vs textbook sized reads. Blogging ideas? Well I’ll be honest I struggle with those…barely have time to think about ideas aside from the few categories I have!


  10. You see the movie before reading the book??
    I’ve only ever done that, like, twice in my life…and that’s because I didn’t know they were books until after I’d seen the movie.
    I read the books promptly.
    I’m weird like that.

    And I totally know what you mean about having blogging ideas and then not getting around to writing them…I have 20+ one-sentence post-drafts in my drafts folder that have been there for…a while…

    Oh, bookish discounts…how I wish I could ignore you…but when a book is half price and you get the first one with it for free…who am I to turn down an offer like that?


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