[Miscellaneous] Blog Olympics 2015 – Introductions

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What’s Miscellaneous Today?
Blog Olympics 2015 — Introductions

What is it:

The Blog Olympics was created by fellow book bloggers, Books, Tea and a Onesie and Always Opinionated Girl, and takes place from July 1st-7th, 2015. This blogging event features things like blog discussions, twitter chats, giveaways, and competitions.
See below for scheduling details.


While I’m not directly affiliated with the Blog Olympics, I figured it’d be awesome to give this week-long blog event a shout-out as I can only empathize with all of the work it took behind the scenes to get everything up and running.

All associated links refer back to their respective Goodreads or blogs.

Scheduling highlights are broken down as follows:

• Blog discussions: to be taken place in the comment section of the hosting blog
• Twitter chats: hosted by @BlogOlympics at 8:30-9:30pm BST using the relevant hashtags
• Giveaways: basically similar to Rafflecopter one-two click entry submissions (one week duration)
Competitions: think giveaways + an additional task to complete—details T.B.D on the day of (two week duration)

*Note: the timing of twitter chats of 8:30-9:30PM BST (3:30pm EST/12:30pm PST) isn’t ideal for some regions (being 5am-ish in Australia or 3:30am in Philippines) but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get involved in the blog discussions etc.

July 1

• Blog discussion: “Sports in Books” // host: Books, Tea and a Onesie
• Twitter chat: “Sports in Books” using #BOSport
• Giveaway: Sally Green (UK Only)

July 2

• Competition: Kid-Lit Quiz to win a Cathy Cassidy book (UK Only)
• Giveaway: Fia Essen eBook (INT’l)

July 3

• Twitter chat: Book soundtracks” using #BOMusic
• Competition: Science News Quiz to win an eBook of Jerry Kaczmarowski’s “Sapient (INT’l)

July 4

• Blog discussion:What makes a Classic, classic?” // host: Always Opinionated Girl
• Competition: Undisclosed details to win a signed copy of Katie McGarry’s “Nowhere But Here” (INT’l?)
• Giveaway: Ryan Mark’s “Tremor” (UK Only)

July 5

• Blog discussion: ”What classifies a book as a ‘favourite’?” // host: Books, Tea and a Onesie
• Twitter chat:General blogging (e.g. tips, meet & greet)” using #BO15
• Twitter competition: Win a copy of Ali Novak’s “My Life with the Walter Boys” (US Only)
Giveaway: Rektok Ross’ “Prodigal” eBook (INT’l?)

July 6

• Competition: Fantasy Quiz to win a Hardback or eBook of Sally Slater’s “Paladin”
• Competition: Penguin Books Quiz to win Bookish Swag
Giveaway: Win a copy of Sarah Ockler’s “The Summer of Chasing Mermaids (US Only)

July 7

• Blog discussion: “Do books need romance?” // host: Always Opinionated Girl
Twitter chat: “Stereotypes Within Genres” using #BOGenres
• Competition: YA Contemporary Quiz to win a special edition of Rainbow Rowell’s “Fangirl and Swag Buttons
• Competition: Chicken House Books hosted

Full details of what’s scheduled in the image below created by hosts, Books, Tea and a Onesie & Always Opinionated Girl (click to maximize resolution):



Now that you’ve read what there is to offer, are you going to participate?

For me, this blogging event is an excellent platform to encourage the development of some Think Aloud writing pieces. I realize that this goes against the grain of the hosted discussions on their blogs but I’ll try to be doing both. It’s just that, if you know me, the crassness and (hopefully) witty nature of these upcoming rants need its own outlet of exploration. I encourage you to blog however you want as long as you’re involved in the festivities.

So, yeah, be sure to check back here as I have some ridiculous rants that i hope you’ll find amusement and joy in!

[Read more about this event via. Books, Tea, and a Onesie here.]

[Sign up to participate in the 2015 Blog Olympics via. GoogleDocs.]


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