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What’s Miscellaneous Today?
The Would You Rather Tag

I was tagged by Summer @ XingSings and Erika @ Erika in Bookventureland (and perhaps someone else—I forget—sorry!) to do the Would You Rather Book Tag. You know the drill.

Would you rather only read trilogies or only read standalones?

Probably standalones because at least it would mean I could still watch the adapted counterpart (I’m assuming this question lumps trilogies with series) in some video-form; like Game of Thrones, and Hunger Games, and every single comic/manga that has yet to become a television show or featured film.

Would you rather only read male or female authors?

I think most of what I’ve read has been written by male authors…so I’ll go with that. (Not discounting the excellent female writers I’ve come across though.)

Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?

This question really depends on the timing of when I buy any book in relation to its publication date. All things being equal, if I had to choose platforms to buy books (re: online or in-store), it’d rank Book Outlet, Indigo/Chapters (I’m Canadian, soooooooo), then perhaps Amazon. It also depends what I buy too. If I don’t care much for the physical copy (which I will always favour hardcovers for if I can = $$$) then I wouldn’t mind settling for Amazon or TBD or any other online repository of slightly cheaper goods. I haven’t found much interest in Audible yet though (I’m just real bad at listening along).

But the biggest (usual) thing is that if it’s a hardcover that’s been recently released, I need to see and feel it’s condition before I buy it. I’ll also admit that sometimes I’m that jerk that takes the dust jackets off of one book and finds a matching almost-pristine hardcover. I scrutinize every detail if I can (#rudecustomers).

Would you rather books were made into TV shows or movies?

This depends on the contents of the book and/or series and whether or not the television show in question is written in a way that doesn’t span another 5 seasons of pointlessness. In most cases, I would prefer films but if the world is expansive enough to create a show from then by all means (The 100 has done well to take the source material and rewritten it in such a way that seems more engaging than what the books were. At least that’s what I’ve come to understand.)

Would you rather read only 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

If time wasn’t a thing, 5 books per week would be awesome. But because time is a thing, and I have other commitments, 5 pages per day is pretty solid (or rather 1 chapter—I couldn’t leave a chapter hanging). I’ve been through multiple book slumps this year and I’ve done days without reading a page.

Free time in reading is one thing but writing a review is a beast on it’s own. I try to review every book I read and if I’m being honest, it takes me several hours to write one review, so I ain’t got time fo dat.

Would you rather be a professional author or reviewer?

I’d rather be an author. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have a lot of fun reviewing and ranting about pointless shit but if I were able to translate that to a full length narrative? Damn.

Would you rather be a librarian or a bookseller?

A bookseller. I love the thought of being involved with the gritty business side of running a store (or at least what I think of said work).

Would you rather read only your favorite genre, or every other genre but your favorite?

At this point, most of what I normally read fits under the SF-F umbrella or contemporary. I’m trying to fix it but it’s a slow process. I’ll go with SF-F I guess because it can get really nuanced and incorporate a lot of the other core genres under it’s umbrella. (Also, does anyone get peeved when YA/NA/Adult gets classified as the genre? It’s not a genre. Stoppppppp.)

Would you rather only read ebooks or physical books?

Physical books; specifically hardcovers. I don’t even own an e-reader so all of my arcs have to be read using my dinky phone or sitting in front of my laptop (which is like 10 pounds—thanks, Alienware). But I don’t prefer paperbacks unless there’s no other choice. I break the spines within seconds of touching one.

I tag these individuals:

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Seeing as how I may stop by the bookstore today, I’m going to re-live the subtleties of my recent rant: “Slow Walkers in Narrow Hallways Aren’t The Same as Aisle Readers“. The read is kind of ridiculous but surely the logic is sound.


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42 thoughts on “[Miscellaneous] Awards/Tags — The Would You Rather Tag”

  1. Haha I totally switched dust jackets on a book recently. I wanted a specific jacket, but somebody had dropped the book or something so a couple pages were bent and ripped. Is it so wrong for me to just want everything to look nice???? Thanks for the tag 🙂


  2. Agh, I thought it was just me that gets annoyed when people classify a market as a genre. Like, why??? But I don’t necessarily blame them, because a lot of major outlets tend to group them together, too.


  3. “I’ll also admit that sometimes I’m that jerk that takes the dust jackets off of one book finds a matching almost-pristine hardcover.” So you’re one of those. *Squints eyes*
    Interesting, you may be the only book blogger (or I think you’re classified as one) that chose the 5 pages per day option.
    And wait, YA is not a genre?? But I guess, you’re right, real genres are like fantasy. And then there are subgenres like epic or paranormal. Huh, I never really thought about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Summer:
      One day you will swap dust jackets and I will be there watching it happen (via. the Internet connected to your phone) AND THEN I’LL BE LIKE “HMMM?!”

      5 pages is a loooot maaaan. I haven’t read a single page in 4 days. This is why 5 pages is necessary LOL.

      I get the treatment for YA to be used as a classification but a genre it is not. That’s just me against the world though (because it’s not the norm)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Seconds of touching a paperback? *hugs paperbacks to chest* Dude, how??? And, your answers were interesting and humorous. Sorry to be basic, but great post! Thanks for tagging me.


      1. Your poor ARCs.
        Oh yeah, I totally understand with the spine thing. I open really slowly and carefully so as not to damage. It’s a fast world, though.
        I hate broken HB’s. It hurts my soul. I also open them crazy slowly at first (except on the trains) and there’s so convenient compared to PB’s.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. I know… My copy of HP and the Order of Phoenix kind of fell down my middle school staircase (don’t hurt me). I try to treat my books much nicer now though. But I’m starting to become a hardback snob these days (sometimes Joey’s logic rubs off).

              Liked by 1 person

  5. (Also, does anyone get peeved when YA/NA/Adult gets classified as the genre? It’s not a genre. Stoppppppp.)

    Yes! So much yes! I actually have, on a list of potential topics for blog posts: “Why YA is not a genre”


  6. I have the same thing with the condition of the book. I don’t think I’ve gone to that level to buy a perfect book but I think I should start because every time I want to get a book, I come home and realize that the cover is dented.
    I have the same problem with the e-reader because I refused to get one when my parents offered to gift me one. I was a snobby middle schooler and I regret not getting one now.


    1. Part of my train of thought is that it’s going to be questionably handled before it lands on my shelf, so if i get the “best” cover available, even if it’s tarnished a bit, it’s still pretty good. Logically, it’s a higher threshold (than starting at a meh-cover that’s sort of dented then when it actually makes it way home it’s worse off </3).

      Liked by 1 person

  7. That one tag I want to do and you didn’t tag me, Joe, awesome. Um, first, I don’t get peeved by people who use YA/NA/Adult as a genre because I’m sort-of-definitely-maybe-absolutely one of those people? BUT I never use it alone. Like, in my reviews, I’d use contemporary, realistic AND young adult. Or adult AND fantasy, romance. It’s more convenient, I guess. Coz then, readers of the blog would instantly get a feel if they’d want to read the book. Coz there are people who mostly focus on “YA” books as of the moment. I guess what I’m saying is I use it for shelving. Or whatever that means.

    Second, when I saw the 5 pages or 5 books, I was like, oh gods, of course you had to ask Joe this. Lol. And the second to the last question is pretty arse.


    1. Just accept Lumi already, sheesh.

      Maybe peeved is a really negative way of saying it. I just don’t prefer YA/NA/Adult to be categorized as a genre because it’s an age group. It’s fair to classify books as YA + and something, but YA isn’t the “genre” aspect of it. I guess the main problem you run into if you don’t classify it as a genre but as something else (i.e. “reading level”) is that that’s a real shitty way to go about saying “certain ages should read this but no one else” — and that’s way way worse. I mean, labels makes things easier and for that reason alone YA/NA/A should be used but I’m just not sold on it being a genre at the moment (maybe I could be convinced otherwise though).


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