[Miscellaneous] Book Haul Spine Poetry — April 2015 (Library Book Fair Edition)

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What’s Miscellaneous Today?
Book Haul Spine Poetry — April 2015
(Library Book Fair Edition)

My sort-of-not-really #ReadingMyLibrary challenge post.


So my local library had their annual book fair (which I actually didn’t know existed since I seldom visit the library to begin with) but alas, I found myself lining up on opening day for some good ol’ discounts. In hindsight, I should have taken some pictures to show you how crowded the tiny room was given the narrow bookshelf aisles.

I spent a good hour+ walking around, sifting through piles of books to find gems hidden at the back, and having plenty of rational conversations with my brain involving “Hey dude, did we see this book on TTT? Was I intrigued?” which I should mention is literally the worst way to justify a potential to-be-bought novel. On top of that, my shopping logic was to find as many maybes as possible and then narrow them down after. I’m glad it was weight training day.

I also discovered that The Maze Runner is still very much a hot commodity as I found a copy of TMR (among other YA Dystopias) in the general SF-F section and thought it would have been more accessible to be displayed in the YA shelving. (I don’t even know why I was trying to reorganize books in the first place.) Then some teen asked me something along the lines of ‘what are you going to do with that copy?’ like I was holding the golden ticket. They seemed pleased when I handed them the copy. Even if it didn’t make their day, at least my wallet smiles at the discounts. (Not bad for 11 books being under $20 CAD/ 16 USD.)



The Road

The Night Circus

The Shadow of the Wind

(At least there is one good poem in the lot…)


The Luminaries Room


Wicked Games (yes, I somehow found an ARC on sale LOL…)

(This is mediocre.)


This isn’t a poem.

This is a Sanderson sandwich fit for The Way of Kings.

(The other TWoK was from a previous haul. Also, I do not eat dog)


I’m hoping this is the last lot of purchases for this month haha. If you do go about taking some spine poetry–shoot me a link below!

Some questions for you:

– Do your local libraries have book culls with book fair sales?

– How often do these take place for you?

– What’s your opinion on secondhand books versus the discount received?


29 thoughts on “[Miscellaneous] Book Haul Spine Poetry — April 2015 (Library Book Fair Edition)”

  1. My library has two shelves just inside the main door where you can buy withdrawn/discarded books by the bag full for $3. Our town’s hospital auxiliary hosts an annual book sale that takes place in our indoor ice arena. The first few days books are anywhere from $1-3. On Saturday mornings they are $5 per bag and then Saturday afternoon whatever is left is free. Although I enjoy new books it’s easier for me to buy secondhand because it costs a lot less.


  2. One of my local libraries has a book sale corner that’s always open that they refresh at the beginning of the month. It’s cool because the most you’ll pay for a book is $1.50 and they sometimes have really current books in there, but it’s bad because I end buying books every time I go in. For that price, I wouldn’t care who owned the book before me.


      1. If the writing is too slow in pace for your taste I recommend the audio book. It had an Awesome narrator that really fit the story. Just not a book I like to see people give up on.


  3. The Night Circus! TRUST ME THAT’S A SCORE! Also, the first poem’s a lyrical one. Hmm. I don’t usually go for secondhand mainly because it’s a long shot to find used books here that I recognize. And the libraries aren’t much better help. So yeah. There’s that. Serious question: WHY WOULD YOU ARRANGE BOOKS IN A BOOK FAIR?!


    1. I always think it’s so posh when someone describes something to be lyrical. (But perhaps I’m just a commoner.)

      (Time to move to Americas comment #2).

      Dude, I was trying to be helpful to the swarms of prepubescent teens hoarding around a tiny 2-shelving unit YA display. It made more sense for some books to be in YA than in SF-F LOL. Like they’d rummage through the Stephen King’s and Dean Koontz’s and Diana Gabaldon’s for their Divergents or Hunger Games…


  4. Have you ever thought about writing a book? Story telling seems to come natural to you-as far as I can tell.

    To answer your questions:
    – Do your local libraries have book culls with book fair sales?

    Not sure, I rarely go. The last time I went, I almost had my head bitten off for asking ‘where can I find the Odyssey?’

    Librarians do not like to be disturbed.

    – How often do these take place for you?
    lol, never going back there

    – What’s your opinion on secondhand books versus the discount received?

    I prefer the discount, but I dont mind secondhand. I buy used copies from Amazon. Once I’ve read it, I usually give it away to someone I know will like it, unless I really like the writing style, or the authors storytelling.


    1. What a wonderful compliment–I like you already! But yes I do write. Well…sometimes; whenever inspiration punches me in the face. The idea isn’t fully fleshed out but it’s definitely something of substance waiting to be materialised!

      It’s funny because I don’t usually visit libraries all too often because I’d rather just own the book to be read on my own time instead of having a limit (although in retrospect, it’d maybe help me read books faster by having a deadline).

      I’ve always wondered what “used copies” on Amazon were. Are they actually second-hand copies? Or do they just have embellishments on their covers?

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      1. I think taking your time to read a book is how you appreciate the story. You pick up on so many things the author has embedded within the book (does that make sense?).

        I’m the same. Sometimes you just don’t feel like reading. Why do they give you like a few days to read a book?

        Some used copies on Amazon look brand new, like they’ve just been stored in a warehouse, never been read. Before buying you should read the condition details-most sellers describe the damage on the book. Most of the time its minimal, like the cover has been slightly damaged.

        What I suggest is that you buy the USED-VERY GOOD conditions or LIKE NEW conditions of books. I’ve bought books for a penny with £2.80 for postage. If I like the book, great. But if not, then I’m not disappointed that I wasted money on a brand new copy.

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        1. I understand what you mean by reading at your own pace to feel the subtleties of the novel. It’s just for me, sometimes there are gaping holes in reading that I do end up forgetting some of what happens and end up feeling like I’m on the outside looking in and not truly engaged in the read.

          Those are some wonderful tips on purchasing from Amazon (which I’ve truthfully never done before haha). I’ll keep them in mind!

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  5. First of all,hi Joey!*waves*I am new to your blog,and I have an instinct that I’ll be a regular hereafter.
    Anyway,I really like your first poem!And Night Circus!I love that book.It’s so magical and addictive.
    I always love new books,but I do have a soft spot for second hand or well used books,because you can literally feel the love the reader had for the book through the now soft cover and pages and worn look.
    I know,I am a bit weird:)


    1. Hello! I have heard nice things of you from Savindi (she asked me about some of my thoughts regarding blogger entitlement…I think).

      Anyways, I’m hoping to enjoy The Night Circus as well; even if I’ve heard mixed reactions. I’m a bit iffy on the concept of the “worn-appeal” of a second hand book; especially since I try to archive hardcovers over paperback (and a ruined hardcover just hurts my soul).


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