[Top Ten Tuesday] – #56 – Top Ten Inspiring Book Quotes

Top Ten Tuesday is an original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. I thought this would be a fun way to share a condensed version of potential rambles and thoughts that I have.


This Week’s Theme:
Top Ten Inspiring Book Quotes

Initial Thoughts:

This is a dubious topic as I’m sure there are quotes I enjoy not listed in Goodreads and I’m way too lazy to flip through tabbed pages looking for quotes that best fits this prompt. Soooo…I’ll probably just pick and choose from the Goodreads repository. Many of these might not be inspiring (or my favourite) but they hit the feels—so that’s enough, right?

“Stuff your eyes with wonder, he said, live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.”

Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451


“It seemed funny to me that the sunset she saw from her patio and the one I saw from the back steps was the same one. Maybe the two different worlds we lived in weren’t so different. We saw the same sunset.”

S.E. Hinton, The Outsiders


“What’s your name,’ Coraline asked the cat. ‘Look, I’m Coraline. Okay?’
‘Cats don’t have names,’ it said.
‘No?’ said Coraline.
‘No,’ said the cat. ‘Now you people have names. That’s because you don’t know who you are. We know who we are, so we don’t need names.”

Neil Gaiman, Coraline


“The best books… are those that tell you what you know already.”

George Orwell, 1984


“If it’s a story I’m telling, then I have control over the ending…
But if it’s a story, even in my head, I must be telling it to someone. You don’t tell a story only to yourself. There’s always someone else. Even when there is no one.”

Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale

“I moved forward in the trace of their footsteps as in a waking dream where the scent of a newly blown poppy is no longer a perfume but a blossoming: where the deep red of a maple leaf in autumn is no longer a colour but a grace; where a country is no longer a place but a lullaby.”

Kim Thuy, Ru

“Don’t just act because you can; act because it’s the right thing to do. If you keep that in mind, you’ll be all right.”

Brandon Sanderson, Steelheart

“We are not quite novels. We are not quite short stories. In the end, we are collected works.”

Gabrielle Zevin, The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry

 “Don’t think you haven’t lived long enough to have a story to tell.”

Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls


“Real life is only ever just real life. Messy. What it means depends on how you look at it. The only thing you’ve got to do is find a way to live there.”

Patrick Ness, More Than This


And to end in cynical fashion:

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.”

George Orwell, 1984

Or just more Nessochism goodness:

“You do not write your life with words…You write it with actions. What you think is not important. It is only important what you do.”

Patrick Ness, A Monster Calls

“Whatever the world looks like now. That’s not always how it’s going to look. There’s more. There’s always more.”

Patrick Ness, More Than This




As you can tell, many of them are life-oriented. That’s just how I roll.

Any of you writers think that it’s pretty difficult to create inspiring quotes for your stories without making it seem too generic or pretentious (given the reigns of what leads to it). I  mean, it’s fun and all, but I really do appreciate how people can just throw-down words of feel-inducing gold.

If you’re a writer, I’m curious as to hear some of your written inspiration!


39 thoughts on “[Top Ten Tuesday] – #56 – Top Ten Inspiring Book Quotes”

  1. I tried to keep my quotes down to one per author/book otherwise Patrick Ness would have made the entire list. I haven’t read the two books you reference though. Someday. Thank you for sharing!


    1. I tried so very hard to keep it to one quote per author/book but man was it difficult narrowing those choices. I thought about just going pure Ness quotes but figured giving people some sneak-peek of his writing haha. I hope you get around to reading AMC or MTT! I really should get going with finding myself a copy of Hennington.


  2. Awesome list of quotes, especially the one from The Outsiders. Your list also reminds me that I have to read some Patrick Ness. I keep hearing only amazing things about his book and now amazing quotes yet I still haven’t read any of his books. Great list!


  3. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever.

    Ahaha, I’ve never heard this one before. What a keeper!


  4. Nothing wrong with resorting to Goodreads. I was too lazy to look for quotes for this week’s meme. I love your list of quotes too, but probably the Coraline quote resonated with me the most. Is that in the movie?


  5. Okay, these are great! I love the Ness bits, and the piece from Coraline is one of my favorite passages from the book! Love the Bradbury too. Great selections!


  6. Most of the quotes you have are from books my book club discussed (which I didn’t read, haha). Oh, I think I’m going to read More Than This. 🙂


  7. I love all these quotes! Especially the Coraline and The Storied Life ones. And you keep convincing me more and more to try out some of Patrick Ness’s works. Soon, I will join the club.


  8. Some great quotes here, particularly the Orwells–they speak to the cynicist in me.

    As for writing inspiring quotes… i think if you’re actively trying to put together the right words to sound so meaningful, you’re doing it wrong. Just hold the feeling of what you want to express and let the words find you. IDK, that’s how i tend to write, anyway.


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